Washington University’s new dual degree meets growing demands of health care sector

The new era of healthcare reform is demanding a new hybrid in leadership: executives who can bridge the worlds of business and public healthcare policy.  To meet the growing needs of an ever more complex health care sector, Washington University in St. Louis is launching a new dual degree program.  The MBA/MPH degree will offer the best in business administration and public health to prepare tomorrow’s leaders in the field of healthcare.

Social entrepreneurs advance to final round of competition

Entrepreneurs with business plans to make the world a better place will have 90 seconds to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges at 6 p.m. tonight in the next-to-final round of the annual YouthBridge SEIC (Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Competition) in May Auditorium, Simon Hall, on the Danforth Campus.

Economic recovery: don’t count on consumers

Steve Fazzari What will generate the growth necessary to put many of the unemployed back to work again?  That’s the question economist Steve Fazzari is asking as we move past the first recession of the 21st century.  “In the deep downturns of the 1970’s and early ’80’s, strong consumer spending growth led to strong recoveries. Unfortunately, I just don’t see that happening this time”  says Fazzari.  Includes video interview.

Olin Cup finalists in race for funding new ventures

Seven entrepreneurs enter the final round of the Olin Cup business plan competition this month as they vie for $75,000 in seed money. Ken Harrington, managing director of the Skandalaris Center, co-sponsor of the Olin Cup, emceed the recent “Elevator Pitch” event where 17 semi-finalists had two minutes each to present their business plans. The teams presented privately in front of 16 judges, then presented publicly in front of an audience. Harrington said, “the judges, audience, and I were very impressed with the quality of this year’s pitches and ideas. We look forward to the next phase in the competition and seeing their full business plans.” Winners will be announced in February. Video report on the competition included.
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