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Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017

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Alzheimer’s risk linked to energy shortage in brain’s immune cells

A new study from the School of Medicine shows that mutations in the gene TREM2 cause an energy shortage in the brain’s immune cells, leading to their failure to protect neurons from damaging clumps of protein.

CRETE House focuses on energy-efficient concrete

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world. Billions of tons are produced annually. But for the 2017 Solar Decathlon, Team WashU wanted to demonstrate a new and more sustainable approach.

Protein-rich diet may help soothe inflamed gut

The combination of a bacterium that normally lives in the gut and a protein-rich diet promotes a more tolerant, less inflammatory gut immune system, according to new research at the School of Medicine.

Why did I do that?

With the start of college comes many demands and distractions, and students may be baffled by their own mistakes. Todd Braver, professor of psychological and brain sciences in Arts & Sciences, helps students understand the complicated brain basis for self-control.

Law, religion and health in the United States

Should physicians be required to disclose their religious beliefs to patients? How should we think about institutional conscience in the health-care setting? Such questions are tackled in a new book co-edited by Elizabeth Sepper, an expert on health law.

Engineers find better way to detect nanoparticles

A university engineering team has made major strides in the study and manipulation of light. The team’s latest discovery could have impacts in biomedical devices, electronics and biohazard detection.

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1 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 23

WUNDIR meeting

Thursday, Aug. 24

New students move in

6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 24

‘Frankenstein’ staff discussion

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WashU in the News

View: Big business, Libor and Snapchat


Courts everywhere said women can use Medicaid at Planned Parenthood; this one just ruled they can’t

Mother Jones

How an itch hitches a ride to the brain

Science News

As Trump’s panels dissolve, business must ponder its role on social issues

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Campus Voices

‘Changing the world, one website at a time’

Mark Rank, the Herbert S. Hadley Professor of Social Welfare at the Brown School, writes about his ongoing poverty risk calculator project on the Contexts website.

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Abram Van Engen, associate professor of English in Arts & Sciences, has won a prestigious Public Scholar grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The award will support Van Engen’s current book project, “The Meaning of America: How the United States Became the City on a Hill.”

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