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Friday, July 27, 2018

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Decriminalizing pot doesn’t lead to increased use by young people

School of Medicine researchers have found that in five states that decriminalized marijuana, there was no corresponding rise in the drug’s use among young people.

Leggy lizards don’t survive the storm

Last year’s hurricanes offered biologists a unique opportunity to study lizards in Turks and Caicos. Here’s what they learned from the tropical anole lizards that survived — and from those that didn’t.

Banner days for women in Olin’s MBA

Schoolwide efforts are among the threads woven into the fabric of an Olin Business School MBA program ranked No. 4 in the world for women, according to a Financial Times analysis.

Parking updates, reminders for the upcoming academic year

Eligible individuals can now purchase permits for the Occasional Parking Program or Bearly Drivers Carpool for the 2018-19 academic year. Updates also included on permit holds, a new Metrolink station and gate-arm technology in parking garages.

Perfectionism in young children may indicate OCD risk

Kids who possess tendencies toward perfectionism and excessive self-control at a young age are twice as likely as other children to develop OCD by the time they reach their teens.

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10 a.m. Tuesday, July 31

Cortex MetroLink Station grand opening

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WashU in the News

How the wolf spider’s diet may help keep the Arctic cool


What the mystery of the tick-borne meat allergy could reveal

The New York Times

Alzheimer’s disease is getting easier to spot


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John O. Holloszy, former director of applied physiology, 85

John O. HolloszyJohn O. Holloszy, MD, whose research at the School of Medicine led to advances in the understanding of the body’s response to exercise, died July 18, 2018, at a nursing home in Town and Country, Mo., following a long battle with kidney disease.

Campus Voices

The Moral Crusade

From Civil Rights and Women’s Suffrage to the Tea Party movement and #MeToo, moral crusades can shape an era. Arts & Sciences anthropologist and psychologist Pascal Boyer investigates why people get involved, how movements gain traction, and what happens when they succeed.

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Six Washington University research teams have been selected to receive funding as part of the spring 2018 cycle of the Leadership in Entrepreneurial Acceleration Program, better known as the LEAP Inventor Challenge.

John Furlong and Harriet Green will join the staff of Washington University Libraries as associate university librarians. Furlong’s appointment begins Aug. 1; Green’s takes effect Sept. 1.

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