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Friday, Aug. 3, 2018

Top Stories

Analysis of prostate tumors reveals clues to cancer’s aggressiveness

Using genetic sequencing, scientists have revealed the complete DNA makeup of more than 100 aggressive prostate tumors, pinpointing important genetic errors these deadly tumors have in common.

Vibrations at an exceptional point

A team of international researchers led by engineers at Washington University has developed a way to use a light field to trigger a mechanical movement that will generate an acoustic wave.

Demon in the details of quantum thermodynamics

Researchers in physics in Arts & Sciences are working out a theory of thermodynamics in quantum physics and finding some interesting results, including “negative information.”

Mixed-income housing completed in Forest Park Southeast

Adams Grove, a 50-unit affordable housing development, has been completed in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. The homes result from an effort led by the Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Corp. to revitalize the neighborhood.

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Campus Announcements

Grant applications sought from junior researchers

The School of Medicine is accepting applications for the American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant to support junior investigators on the Medical and Danforth campuses who have no national peer-reviewed research grant support.

WashU in the News

New lung cell identified

The Scientist

What did we learn from the Great Flood of ’93? Not much, say many.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

North St. Louis County welcomes new Siteman Cancer Center

St. Louis Public Radio

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Campus Voices

New book on childhood obesity published

Denise E. Wilfley, of the Department of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine, is senior author of a newly published book that serves as a guide to using psychotherapy to treat childhood obesity.

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Luis Salas, assistant professor of classics in Arts & Sciences, has been awarded a prestigious fellowship from the Loeb Classical Library Foundation at Harvard University.

The National Association of Biology Teachers has awarded Chuck McWilliams the 2018 Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for Missouri. He is co-director of the Master’s in Biology for Science Teachers Program through the Institute for School Partnership.

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Who Knew WashU?

Graham Chapel Question: In what year did daily chapel services on campus end, replaced by a weekly lecture by lay people?
Answer: B) In 1911, Chancellor David Houston ended daily chapel services in favor of weekly lectures, a tradition that eventually evolved into the Assembly Series.
Unfortunately, no one guessed the correct answer this week.

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