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Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018

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In childbirth, when to begin pushing does not affect C-section rates

A multicenter study led by the School of Medicine, and involving more than 2,400 first-time pregnant women, shows that the timing of pushing has no effect on whether women deliver vaginally or by C-section.

Time travel with bat guano

A favorite Halloween symbol leaves behind clues to what a tropical landscape looked like thousands of years ago. With support from the Living Earth Collaborative, postdoctoral scholar Rachel Reid of Arts & Sciences digs in.

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7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 11

Songs and stories of Irish immigration

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Washington People

Marcus Raichle

Marcus Raichle

Marcus Raichle, MD, is a central figure in the history and science of brain imaging. He is noted for developing positron emission tomography (PET) techniques, explaining principles underlying functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and capturing some of the first snapshots of the brain at work.

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WashU in the News

On the left, eyeing more radical ways to fight Kavanaugh

The New York Times

Both sides of the brain are active during one-sided arm movement

The Scientist

A graphic nonfiction account of Hitler’s would-be assassin

The New York Times

Columbus statue stirs ‘serious conversation about the past,’ WashU historian says

St. Louis Public Radio

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Bob Smith, professor emeritus of art, 92

Bob Smith archive photoBob Smith, professor emeritus in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, died peacefully at home Sept. 22. He was 92. Smith helped establish the school’s design curriculum and, among many talents, drew national renown as a fountain designer.

Campus Voices

‘Materials through the ages’

Physicist Kenneth Kelton, of Arts & Sciences, discusses for “Hold That Thought” how materials and technology, from metals and glass to plastics and semiconductors, have advanced throughout history.

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Four Arts & Sciences faculty members — Megan Daschbach, Janet Duchek, John Shareshian and Lynne Tatlock — were honored during the school’s annual faculty welcome reception, held last month in Ridgley Hall’s Holmes Lounge.

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Research Wire

Arye Nehorai, of the School of Engineering & Applied Science, and collaborators have developed a method to estimate electrical current in the uterus during contractions from magnetomyography, a noninvasive technique that maps muscle activity. The results were published in PLoS One.

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Who Knew WashU?

Who Knew WashU graphicQuestion: Who is the on-campus bistro Ibby’s named for? A) Elizabeth Danforth B) Elizabeth Graver
C) Elizabeth Mallinckrodt D) Elizabeth McDonnell

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