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Friday, Feb. 1, 2019

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‘We are McKelvey’: A new era at engineering

The School of Engineering & Applied Science will be renamed the James McKelvey School of Engineering in honor of trustee and distinguished alumnus Jim McKelvey Jr., who has made an unprecedented and transformative investment in the school.

Sleep deprivation accelerates Alzheimer’s brain damage

A School of Medicine study in mice and people shows that sleep deprivation causes tau levels to rise and tau tangles to spread through the brain, accelerating Alzheimer’s brain damage.

NIH grant to fund study on diabetes management

The Brown School and the School of Medicine have received a $2.9 million grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases to study the impact of addressing unmet basic needs among Medicaid beneficiaries with diabetes.

Mosquitoes, ticks do better in extreme cold than we do

Does this recent extreme cold snap spell bad news for mosquitoes and ticks this summer? Not necessarily. Researchers at Tyson Research Center offer insight into how both insects are surviving the Polar Vortex that has gripped most of the Midwest and eastern United States.

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Campus Announcements

Metro Transit town halls start next week

Metro Transit officials will hold a series of town hall meetings in February to hear from Washington University faculty, staff and students. Metro officials will share information about their plans for improving transit processes, platforms and customer service and answer people’s questions.

WashU in the News

Teaching the Bible in public schools is a bad idea — for Christians

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Lost Opportunity: After a 15-year odyssey, NASA’s trailblazing Mars rover approaches its end

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WashU engineers use bacteria and nanotechnology to purify dirty water

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Michael S. Diamond, MD, PhD, an infectious diseases specialist at the School of Medicine, has been chosen as the recipient of the American Society for Clinical Investigation’s 2019 Stanley J. Korsmeyer Award.

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