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Friday, May 10, 2019

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‘I understand people feeling desperate’

In this installment of Class Acts, focused on human health, learn more about Weston McCarron. The nontraditional medical student with low-income roots is headed to a career as an emergency room physician.

Flame design in space may lead to soot-free fire

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have begun an experiment, directed by engineer Richard Axelbaum, that will allow them to ignite a flame and study its properties. The experiment could lead to a new understanding of combustion.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis reversed in lab

Mycobacterium tuberculosis cause the most lethal infectious disease in the world. Researchers at the School of Medicine and Umea University in Sweden found a compound that can prevent and even reverse antibiotic resistance in tuberculosis bacteria.

Fail Better: Melanie Berkowitz

Getting a job requires more than hard work. It also takes a little luck, said Mark Smith, dean of career services. Olin Business School alumna Melanie Berkowitz learned that lesson the hard way after applying for 40 jobs.

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WashU in the News

What if motherhood didn’t have to be so hard?

USA Today

Searching in vein: a history of artificial blood

Popular Science

Will displaying drug list prices in ads help lower costs?


Tiny ‘coyote of the Cretaceous’ fills a gap in the tyrannosaur tree

Nova (PBS)

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Campus Voices

‘Engineering the Future’ looks at good nanoparticles

In the fourth episode of the “Engineering the Future” podcast,  Aaron Bobick, dean of the McKelvey School of Engineering, talks with faculty members about the ways that engineered particles can be used for good in medicine and in materials science.

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The 10 newest members of the university’s Danforth Staff Council have been selected to serve two-year terms. The council provides a platform for ongoing communication between Danforth staff and the senior administration.

Daniel D. Picus, MD, professor of radiology at the School of Medicine, has been awarded a Gold Medal from the Society of Interventional Radiology. The award recognizes his distinguished service to the society and achievements in advancing the quality of medicine and patient care.

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