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Friday, July 26, 2019

Top Stories

Lead in the water? Culprit may be manganese

In the right environment, a harmless mineral can do a lot to change the composition of the drinking water that flows through lead pipes. New research from the McKelvey School of Engineering discovers how.

Genes linked to death from sepsis ID’d in mice

Bacteria in the bloodstream can trigger an overwhelming immune response that causes sepsis, a life-threatening condition. School of Medicine researchers found genes that help protect the body’s cells from dying during sepsis.

Putting the brakes on lateral root development

Biologist Lucia Strader in Arts & Sciences discovered a cellular transporter that links two of the most powerful hormones in plant development — auxin and cytokinin — and shows how they regulate root initiation and progression.

Sue and Jerry Schlichter receive Harris Award

To honor their support of the St. Louis community, Sue and Jerry Schlichter are the 2019 recipients of the Jane and Whitney Harris St. Louis Community Service Award. A married couple is honored with the award annually.

Long live the long-limbed African chicken

A new study reveals much about the history of African poultry development, according to Helina S. Woldekiros of Arts & Sciences. But a 3,000-year-old local breed type is threatened by the introduction of commercial cluckers.

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Campus Announcements

East End Parking Facility now available

The East End Parking Facility has opened. Through Wednesday, July 31, employees with valid fiscal year 2019 red, yellow and ParkSmart permits can use the facility. Beginning Aug. 1, employees with a fiscal 2020 Zone 1 parking permit will have access to the garage, Parking and Transportation Services said. 

Social Photo of the Week

#WashUpets has arrived

WashU in the News

Real diversity or ‘racial outsourcing’?

Marketplace (American Public Media)

Just ideology? Study finds another predictor of Supreme Court decisions

The New York Times

Future tycoons visit Shanghai

Shanghai Daily

Children with rare genetic disorder gather for research clinic at Washington University

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Darwin Aquino on leading Gateway Festival Orchestra, growing up in Dominican Republic

St. Louis Public Radio

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Beverly S. Brozanski, MD, a national leader in neonatal medicine and safety protocols in pediatric patient care, has been named vice chair of quality and safety in the Department of Pediatrics at the School of Medicine.

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Research Wire

Elizabeth S. Haswell, professor of biology, and Anders E. Carlsson, professor of physics, both in Arts & Sciences, received a $954,779 grant from the National Science Foundation for their project titled “Pollen: A model system for computational and experimental study of plant biomechanics at the cellular scale.”

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