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Friday, Sept. 13, 2019

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$7.5M for pioneering respiratory disease research

The School of Medicine’s Michael J. Holtzman, MD, has received awards totaling $7.5 million to support innovative research aimed at defining and controlling chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Social Policy Institute launches at university

The newly formed Social Policy Institute at Washington University will bring together the best research evidence from across disciplines to solve real-world challenges. The institute launches Sept. 24.

Menthol restrictions may hike cigarette costs

Restricting the sale of menthol cigarettes to tobacco specialty shops may reduce the number of retailers and increase the cost of smoking, according to new research from the Brown School.

Clinic shows promise for treating addiction

The Community Academic Partnership on Addiction Clinic, a partnership between the Brown School and Preferred Family Healthcare, was able to increase treatment completion rates by 11% over a six-month period.

WashU Expert on gig economy bill

California lawmakers approved a bill that could pave the way for gig economy workers, such as Uber drivers, to be reclassified as employees. If it becomes law, the bill will have broad implications for labor in America, said employment law expert Pauline Kim.

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Campus Announcements

RSVP to take part in inauguration events

Members of the campus community are encouraged to RSVP to take part in Chancellor Andrew D. Martin’s inauguration ceremony Oct. 3 in Brookings Quadrangle, followed by a reception.

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WashU in the News

This treatment can cure cancer. Can it mend the heart?

The New York Times

Scientists rethink Alzheimer’s, diversifying the drug search

The Washington Post

Investigations into Trump’s businesses spark emoluments questions


Danforth Center, WashU scientists study increasing carbon dioxide levels on plants

St. Louis Public Radio

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Michael Nowak of Arts & Sciences is a member of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration that won the 2020 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. The award recognizes the team’s achievement of making the first image of a supermassive black hole.

Radiation oncologist Dennis E. Hallahan, MD, of the School of Medicine, has been elected a senior member of the National Academy of Inventors. Hallahan is the Elizabeth H. and James S. McDonnell III Distinguished Professor of Medicine and head of radiation oncology.

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Who Knew WashU?

Convocation group photoQuestion: First-year students experienced a nine-day orientation program, known as Bear Beginnings, this year. It includes Convocation, immersive experiences and much more. But decades ago, orientation looked a little different. Which of these activities used to be part of orientation to help classmates bond?
Answer A) First-year students traveled to Cuivre River State Park for activities such as horseback riding and skits.
Congrats to this week’s winner, Jennifer Etling Gann, who works in the Office of the Provost and will receive an “I Knew WashU” luggage tag!

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