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Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019

Top Stories

Faculty symposium to kick off inauguration day

The inauguration of Andrew D. Martin as the 15th chancellor of Washington University Oct. 3 will begin with a faculty symposium that explores connections between research and discovery as well as connections to the St. Louis community at large.

$5M grant endows research on blood disorder therapies

The School of Medicine received a $5 million grant to establish and endow a center focused on advancing research into a rare set of blood disorders called myelodysplastic syndromes. The new center will be led by oncologist Matthew J. Walter, MD.

Pop-up shops boost spending — online and off

Two Olin Business School researchers, along with a former faculty member and Alibaba officials, flipped the pop-up business model. They found that inviting potential customers via texts could increase buying with both a pop-up shop and similar vendors online.

Arts & Sciences welcomes new faculty

Arts & Sciences welcomed 33 new tenure-track and teaching-track faculty this academic year to departments and programs across the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. Meet the newest members of the Arts & Sciences faculty.

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Campus Announcements

African research pilot grant applications open

The university’s Africa initiative seeks applications for its collaborative pilot grant program. The program aims to advance research in a variety of fields, such as health, entrepreneurship and sustainability, and to forge collaborations between university faculty and scholars at institutional partners in Africa. Letters of intent are due Sept. 30.

Humanities grants available

The Center for the Humanities in Arts & Sciences offers internal funding opportunities to faculty in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Several programs have an Oct. 1 deadline, including the Faculty Fellowship, the Collaborative Research Seed Grant, the Summer Faculty Research Grant and the Grimm Travel Award.

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Washington People

Gwen Randolph

Gwen Randolph

Gwen Randolph, an immunologist by training, began her career studying immune cells and how they travel around the body. But she has made a career out of breaking down scientific silos and asking questions no one else had thought to ask.

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WashU in the News

Supreme Court says judges are above politics; it may hear a case testing that view

The New York Times

How colleges are ramping up technology training

U.S. News & World Report

St. Louis area schools get tough on vaping in wake of outbreak of illnesses, deaths

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Campus Voices

Why are superheroes so popular?

Peter Coogan, a comic book expert and author, talks in this video about the origin of the superhero genre. Coogan is a lecturer in American culture studies in Arts & Sciences and a coordinator in the Brown School.

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Sharon Cresci, MD, associate professor at the School of Medicine, led a committee that developed the American Heart Association’s scientific statement on the potential for precision medicine to improve treatment for patients with heart failure.

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Research Wire

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded Jian Wang, professor of energy, environmental and chemical engineering at the McKelvey School of Engineering, more than $685,000 to study aerosols (also known as particulates) in the marine boundary layer over the eastern North Atlantic Ocean.

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Inauguration of Andrew D. Martin October 3, 2019

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