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Friday, Nov. 15, 2019

Top Stories

Environmental Justice Initiative underway

The recently launched Environmental Justice Initiative works with community leaders to improve environmental justice in St. Louis, such as by increasing access to healthy foods, raising awareness on and off campus and strengthening student involvement.

Poor areas face higher cancer risk from air pollution

Higher levels of air pollution in St. Louis are associated with neighborhoods with high levels of poverty, unemployment and segregation, finds a new Brown School study published in the journal Environmental Research.

Kipnis named a BJC Investigator

Jonathan Kipnis, an expert on the interactions between the brain and the immune system, has been named a BJC Investigator at the School of Medicine. He will join the Department of Pathology and Immunology.

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Campus Announcements

Interdisciplinary research grant applications due

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research provides one-year seed grants of up to $50,000 to support interdisciplinary teams collaborating on new and innovative research that has the potential for broad scientific or societal impact. Letters of intent are due Nov. 25, with full proposals due Dec. 17.

Social Photo of the Week

The ginkgo carpet came early this year

WashU in the News

Dangerous superbugs kill more people than previously thought

NBC News

Beyond impeachment, is Congress getting anything else done?

The Christian Science Monitor

Scientists think there may be meteorites in this Missouri pasture; the hunt is on

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

These are the world’s best gifts to give, according to science


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Joanna Abraham, assistant professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and the Institute for Informatics at Washington University School of Medicine, will receive the 2019 New Investigator Award from the American Medical Informatics Association. Abraham will receive the award during the association’s annual symposium Nov. 16-20.

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Research Wire

In a paper published in Environmental Science & Technology, a team led by Dan Giammar, at the McKelvey School of Engineering, looked at whether pH and other factors affected the ability of engineered nanoparticles to clear water of hexavalent chromium, a pollutant that poses a public safety risk when found in drinking water.

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Who Knew WashU?

Jasmine Brown and Camille Borders photoQuestion: How many WashU students have received Rhodes Scholarships, one of the world’s most prestigious academic honors?
Answer: D) 29. The scholarship provides an opportunity to earn an advanced degree at Oxford University. Camille Borders (right) and Jasmine Brown are the most recent, selected as 2018 Rhodes Scholars.
Congrats to this week’s winner, Michelle Laute, who works in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the School of Medicine and will receive an “I Knew WashU” luggage tag!

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