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Monday, April 6, 2020

Top Stories

Medical students mobilize to help health-care workers

Dozens of Medical Campus students have mobilized to support health-care workers and the St. Louis community in the fight against COVID-19. They created face shields, provided child care and more.

WashU Experts: Coronavirus fact vs. fiction

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the nation, a number of false conclusions and rumors have spread with it. Three epidemiologists in public health separate truth from myth.

Maintaining health, wellness and well-being connections

It’s important to feel connected to our community and to practice self-care during this uncertain time. That’s why the university’s human resources team moved quickly to adapt programming and migrate many offerings online.

Clinic shifts approach to defend against COVID-19

The university’s Complete Care Clinic was completely redesigned to operate by telemedicine in response to COVID-19. The goal was to continue providing care while protecting medical staff and patients.

Weedy rice is unintended legacy of Green Revolution

A new study led by Kenneth M. Olsen in Arts & Sciences shows that weedy rice has evolved multiple times from cultivated rice, and a strikingly high proportion of contemporary Asian weed strains can be traced to a few Green Revolution cultivars.

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Campus Announcements

University joins COVID-19 Regional Response Fund effort

Washington University joined business, government and philanthropic leaders to take part in the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund, created to assist area nonprofits affected by the pandemic.

‘Life/Lines’ poetry project launches

To mark National Poetry Month, the Center for the Humanities in Arts & Sciences is inviting readers of all backgrounds to create short poems in response to daily prompts throughout April.

Campus Voices

Podcast explores using survivors’ plasma to help COVID-19 patients

In the latest “Show Me the Science” podcast from the School of Medicine, Jeffrey Henderson, MD, PhD, discusses the project he is leading to explore if treating very ill COVID-19 patients with the plasma of survivors will work.

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Washington University has been recognized by Strive for College for excellence in serving low-income and first-generation students. Washington University ranked high for its affordability, high completion rate and post-graduate outcomes for low-income students.

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Research Wire

Darrell Hudson, associate professor at the Brown School, and Tina Sacks, of the University of California, Berkeley, have received a pipeline grant for “Gold Does Not Always Glitter,” a project to investigate the persistence of racial health disparities among upwardly mobile African Americans and whites.

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