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Friday, Nov. 20, 2020

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Lethal brain infections in mice thwarted

School of Medicine scientists have identified a molecule that protects mice from brain infections caused by Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus. The mosquito-borne virus has caused fast-spreading, deadly outbreaks in Mexico, Central America and South America.

Davis stepping down from role in provost’s office

Adrienne D. Davis, vice provost for faculty affairs and diversity and the William M. Van Cleve Professor of Law, is stepping down May 31 from her position in the provost’s office. She has made incredible strides toward the university’s diversity and inclusion goals.

Solving for nuclear structure in light nuclei

Physicist Saori Pastore in Arts & Sciences helps explain what happens in nuclei when they decay, scatter among each other or come into contact with subatomic particles. Her recent paper was published this month in Frontiers in Physics.

Partnering to build a strong safety culture

Angela Dartt, of Environmental Health and Safety, is focused on chemical and lab safety on the Danforth and Medical campuses. She offers advice on safety protocols and how researchers can continue to do their work during a pandemic.

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Campus Announcements

Parking shares updates for holidays and more

The Danforth Campus Parking and Transportation team shares holiday updates, spring plans and more in its November newsletter.

Social Photo of the Week

Fall colors at WashU

WashU in the News

Moderna Covid vaccine shows nearly 95% protection


Scientists discover a link between lack of deep sleep and Alzheimer’s disease


Did Michelangelo carve a graffiti portrait into this Florentine facade?

Smithsonian Magazine

Research suggests the key to stopping dicamba drift is at the molecular level

St. Louis Public Radio

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Campus Voices

Considering the future of STEM education

Sarah Elgin, the Viktor Hamburger Professor Emerita in Arts & Sciences, discusses ideas for engaging undergraduate students in hands-on science from day one and how to reach a wider range of college students on a national scale.

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Seven faculty members across four undergraduate schools at Washington University have been honored with the 2020 Emerson Electric Co. “Excellence in Teaching” awards. Awards recognize teachers across the St. Louis metropolitan area for their outstanding commitment to educational excellence.

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Who Knew WashU?

Robert BehnkenQuestion: WashU 1992 alum Col. Robert Behnken is a NASA astronaut who most recently served as joint operations commander on the SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission. How many spacewalks has Behnken completed?
Answer: D) Behnken — who earned bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering and in physics — has completed 10 spacewalks, tying him with three others for the most by an American astronaut. 
Congrats to this week’s winner, Banan Ead, an Arts & Sciences alum who works at the School of Medicine and will receive an “I Knew WashU” luggage tag!

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