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Monday, Dec. 7, 2020

Top Stories

Building better vaccines for the elderly

Meredith Jackrel, in Arts & Sciences, studies protein misfolding and how it leads to disease. She is collaborating with Jai Rudra at the McKelvey School of Engineering to develop amyloid-inspired vaccine technologies specifically tailored for seniors.

Wanted: Board member with bankruptcy experience

Olin Business School researchers were part of a team that learned firms take more risks after a member of their board of directors undergoes a bankruptcy at another firm where they serve as a director.

Glimpsing the unseeable physics of a black hole

Using a distant galaxy as a magnifying glass, physicists in Arts & Sciences will use X-ray emissions to gain insight into a supermassive black hole. The research work is led by Henric Krawczynski, professor of physics, and graduate student Andrew West.

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Campus Announcements

Free vehicle inspections available

The Washington University Police Department and Parking & Transportation Services, in partnership with Woodard’s Automotive, again will offer free vehicle inspections to university students, faculty and staff. People may bring their vehicle to Woodard’s Automotive in University City between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday through Dec. 18.

WashU in the News

The U.S.’ forgotten High South cuisine


NIH director tells churches to do the ‘altruistic, loving thing’ and stay closed


Underground brine could be a source of oxygen on Mars


Washington University study finds mask mandates boost economy


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Campus Voices

‘The Twilight’s Last Gleaming’

In the fall issue of The Common Reader, the university’s online journal, seven WashU faculty members share essays on topics ranging from race and COVID-19 to police brutality and America as the house of pain. 

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Research Wire

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative announced two research groups led by Washington University faculty were named Frontiers of Imaging grantees. Both groups will focus on the brain, with $1 million each to help fund the first stage of research. In addition, James Fitzpatrick, at the School of Medicine, is one of 22 researchers worldwide named a Chan Zuckerberg Imaging Scientist. He received a $1.2 million award to improve imaging methods and expand the Washington University Center for Cellular Imaging’s education and outreach activities.

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