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Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021

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Holocaust lecture: Jewish physicians and their patients

5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 10



Limitations of artificial intelligence

12:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 11



WashU Startup Showcase

4 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 11



Olin Sports Business Summit

8:45 a.m.–4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 12

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WashU in the News

Democrats choosing less risky path on drug prices

The New York Times

In Jupiter’s swirling Great Red Spot, NASA spacecraft finds hidden depths

National Public Radio

Column: From cars to candy, the world’s supply chains are snarled

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

‘There is no wealth without our health’

The St. Louis American

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Washington People

Chenyang Lu

Computer scientist Chenyang Lu at the McKelvey School of Engineering has been building bridges with doctors to improve patients’ health outcomes using engineering.

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Chenyang Lu

Campus and community news


Podcast explores vaccines for younger kids

This episode of the “Show Me the Science” podcast focuses on the newly announced federal emergency use authorization to vaccinate children ages 5 to 11. Millions of such children could be fully vaccinated by the end of November.

School of Medicine

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Who Knew WashU?

Question: The Holocaust Memorial Lecture has been held annually since 1989. Why does it take place in November?

A) To coincide with Kristallnacht
B) To coincide with National Day of Mourning
C) To coincide with Veterans Day
D) To coincide with World Kindness Day

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