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Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022

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Local history resources for faculty, staff

10 a.m.–Noon Wednesday, Aug. 17



Medical Campus farmers’ market

10 a.m.–2 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 18



Discussion of medical school’s commitment to anti-racism

2 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 18

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WashU in the News

As ‘flash floods are getting flashier,’ communities worry about aging infrastructure

PBS Newshour

How Medicare drug costs could change under the Inflation Reduction Act

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Evolution only thinks about one thing, and it’s crabs

Discover Magazine

Don’t fret the ‘freshman 15’

Fox 2 St. Louis

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Washington People

Andrew Jordan

Economist Andrew Jordan, in Arts & Sciences, sees his field through a different lens than those who study production costs or consumer behavior. Rather, Jordan uses economics and data analytics to study decision-making and potential bias in all aspects of the criminal justice system.

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Andrew Jordan

Campus and community news


‘The end of manual transmission’

Ian Bogost, professor in Arts & Sciences and the McKelvey School of Engineering, writes an article lamenting the demise of cars with stick shifts and what the loss means for drivers who love them.

The Atlantic

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Who Knew WashU?

Question: The university’s Institute for School Partnership offers K-12 educational support, including the mySci curriculum, which provides hands-on science lessons and teacher training. About how many students does the mySci curriculum reach?

A) 20,000B) 53,000C) 77,000D) 125,000

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