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Friday, Sept. 2, 2022

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Ready for a new school year

Senior Amanda Sherman is back to ambush — ahem, interview — WashU students (and a canine) about the new academic year.

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Ready for a new school year

WashU in the News

Explainer: How will attorney-client privilege affect the Trump records probe?


St. Louis startup turning patient data into research works with WashU, BJC

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Oxford Dictionary of African American English

Wisconsin Public Radio

Local professor weighs in on scrubbed Artemis launch


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Campus and community news


‘The 1936 manual that enshrined racism in America’s housing’

Sociologist Elizabeth Korver-Glenn, in Arts & Sciences, writes an opinion piece about how racism historically has affected Americans’ experience of the real estate and appraisal market — and continues to today.


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Who Knew WashU?

Question: Which university leader was among the first generation of their families to attend college?

Answer: D) Kurt Dirks, Feng Sheng Hu and Beverly Wendland all were first-generation students, among many others. WashU hit a milestone this year, with 15% of first-year students being the first generation of their families to attend college. The university has a broad student support network.

Congrats to this week’s winner, Lin Zhang, who works at the Institute for Informatics and will receive an “I Knew WashU” luggage tag!