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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Top Stories

Building a healthy workspace

A team led by Brown School researchers designed a study — and made a public toolkit — to measure the effects that a deliberately designed environment can have on physical activity, the environment and collaboration.

Antibody removes Alzheimer’s plaques in mice

Sticky amyloid plaques play a role in Alzheimer’s disease. School of Medicine researchers have shown that an antibody targeting part of the plaques, the APOE protein, can sweep away the damaging plaques, opening potential treatment options.

Food culture along the Silk Road

Silk Road nomads may have been the gastronomic elites of the Medieval Ages, enjoying diets much more diverse than their sedentary urban counterparts, suggests a new study in Scientific Reports.

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Campus Announcements

Event celebrating Gass’ life planned April 6

An event celebrating the life of influential author William H. Gass, the David L. May Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Humanities in Arts & Sciences, will be held April 6 in Olin Library. Gass died in December.

WashU in the News

Robots could replace surgeons in battle against cancer


Why black girls are taking a leading role in the fight for gun control


A stunning evening of song with mezzo-soprano Susan Graham

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Alum Olly Wilson, 80, meshed African and Western music

The Philadelphia Tribune

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Campus Voices

‘Comics, race and Black Panther’

Rebecca Wanzo, of Arts & Sciences, takes part in an episode of the podcast “How Do You Like It So Far?” exploring “The Black Panther” movie and its comic book roots.

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