Gerry Rohde on hood of a car

Washington People: Gerry Rohde

Meet Gerry Rohde, who works in the Department of Biology in Arts & Sciences. He is a stockroom manager and lab safety officer by day and a St. Louis Public Radio host by night.

Washington People: Rebecca Messbarger

The history of medicine is “embedded in the DNA of contemporary medical science and medical practice,” said Rebecca Messbarger, director of medical humanities in Arts & Sciences. In this video, Messbarger discusses the importance of medical humanities as well as her own research into the life and work of Anna Morandi Manzolini, one of the most important anatomists of the European Enlightenment.
Mary Politi teaches a class

Washington People: Mary Politi

Whether in person or through evidence-based decision tools, the School of Medicine’s Mary Politi, a health psychologist and associate professor of surgery, works with patients to empower them and help optimize their care.
Michael Avidan

Washington People: Michael S. Avidan

Michael Avidan, MBBCh, anesthesiologist at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, works every day with colleagues in the so-called Anesthesiology Control Tower to identify risks to people undergoing surgery and consider measures to optimize patient outcomes.

Washington People: Patty Heyda

How do you restore community? Do you honor local context? Or do you bulldoze everything and try to start again? In this video, Patty Heyda, associate professor in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, discusses the history, isolation and current revival of Botanical Heights, the St. Louis neighborhood formerly known as McRee Town.
Will Ross

Washington People: Will Ross

Will Ross, MD, knows he should be dead. Instead, he achieved success despite the odds. He has designed a program to expose first-year students at the School of Medicine to blighted St. Louis neighborhoods — similar to those in which he grew up. His experiences shaped the nephrologist’s work as a physician and professor.
Luther Tyrus

Washington People: Luther Tyus

Brown School social work student Luther Tyus spent nearly a decade as a St. Louis-area police officer. Now, he is studying both policy solutions and ways to improve officer training to address excessive use of force by police.
Sheretta Butler-Barnes

Washington People: Sheretta Butler-Barnes

Sheretta Butler Barnes, assistant professor in the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, focuses her research on structural racism and inequalities in education. In this video, she talks about her motivation and her work, including a program to encourage girls of color in STEM subjects.
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