Who Knew WashU? 7.11.18

Question: Which iconic jazz artist received an honorary degree from the university?

Who Knew WashU? 6.27.18

Question: How many Washington University student-athletes have become NCAA individual champions?

Who Knew WashU 6.13.18

Question: Many WashU students and alumni have started their own businesses. What did young alum Andrew Glantz help create while still a student here? 

Who Knew WashU? 5.16.18

Question: In what year did Walter Moran Farmer become the first African-American to earn a degree from Washington University?

Who Knew WashU? 5.2.18

Question: In 2010, Monticello scholars discovered that Washington University owned the ____ – largest collection of Thomas Jefferson’s books.

Who Knew WashU? 4.25.18

Question: Approximately what percentage of WashU undergraduate students are from more than 500 miles away from campus?

Who Knew WashU? 3.20.18

Question: On the heels of St. Patrick’s Day, we ask: University Libraries has a collection of papers from what famous Irish writer and winner of the Nobel Prize in literature?

Who Knew WashU? 2.27.18

Question: Which of the following is former chancellor and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Arthur Holly Compton credited with inventing?

Who Knew WashU? 2.20.18

Question: A sculpture honoring the university’s (and St. Louis’) role in hosting the 1904 Olympic Games will be installed on the Danforth Campus later this year. Which of the following “firsts” occurred during those games?
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