Who Knew WashU? 8.15.17

Question: A solar eclipse will take place Aug. 21, and the St. Louis region, including the WashU campus, should be a great place to observe it. The university has a long tradition of monitoring eclipses. Which professor led an eclipse-viewing expedition to California in 1889?

Who Knew WashU? 8.8.17

Question: Spring and summer are a key time to enjoy the Elizabeth Gray Danforth Butterfly Garden. Which university group developed the garden in 1996 and maintains it today?

Who Knew WashU? 8.1.17

Question: Washington University is affiliated with 24 Nobel laureates. From which academic discipline does our most recent Nobel Prize winner hail?

Who Knew WashU? 7.25.17

Question: Washington University had the first chartered law school in the United States to admit women. In which year did the university make this pioneering decision?

Who Knew WashU? 7.18.17

Question: Washington University founded the first of which of these west of the Mississippi River in 1881?

Who Knew WashU? 7.11.17

Question: Which former WashU student authored a best-selling children’s book in the 1950s after achieving success as an actress, singer, composer and voice coach?

Who Knew WashU? 6.27.17

Question: When the John M. Olin Library opened in 1962, students formed a line to the library and passed all the books along to the new building. How many titles (in all formats) does Olin Library have today?

Who Knew WashU? 6.20.17

Question: What was the first nickname for Washington University athletic teams before students voted to change it to the Bears?

Who Knew WashU? 6.6.17

Question: Which sport has accounted for more of Washington University’s 22 NCAA national championships than any other?

Who Knew WashU? 5.16.17

Question: Which former dean had a day of celebration, complete with volleyball and a picnic, named in his honor?
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