Who Knew WashU? 2.13.18

Question: When did Whispers, the beloved cafe in Olin Library, first open?

Who Knew WashU? 2.6.18

Question: How many glass panels make up the atrium roof of Bauer Hall?

Who Knew WashU? 1.30.18

Question: Black Anthology, a student-produced show celebrating African-American culture that also raises issues important to black students, took place last weekend. When was Black Anthology founded on campus?

Who Knew WashU? 12.12.17

Question: Which distinguished architect designed Steinberg Hall?

Who Knew WashU? 12.5.17

Question: Washington University has a thriving doctoral program today. In which year did the university award its first PhD to a student?

Who Knew WashU? 11.28.17

Question: The McDonnell International Scholars Academy has 33 partner universities around the world. Which country has at least two universities in the academy?

Who Knew WashU? 11.14.17

Question: In 2013, WashU student (now engineering graduate) Molly Harrison performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. Which activity did she showcase during the parade?

Who Knew WashU? 11.7.17

Question: Massive amounts of dirt were excavated from in front of Brookings Hall early in the east end construction project. To put the figure in perspective, roughly how many Starbucks Venti coffee cups could be filled with that dirt?

Who Knew WashU? 10.31.17

It’s time for a Halloween-inspired question: Which Washington University building is rumored to be haunted?

Who Knew WashU? 10.24.17

Question: A time capsule was removed from a cornerstone of Francis Gymnasium on Oct. 25, 2014. In what year was this time capsule installed?
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