Who Knew WashU? 4.18.17

Question: How many buildings certified as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum has Washington University built?

Who Knew WashU? 4.11.17

Question: When was Student Life, the university’s independent student newspaper, founded?

Who Knew WashU? 4.4.17

Question: What is the university’s Tyson Living Learning Center?

Who Knew WashU? 3.28.17

Question: Which building was the first on what’s now known as the Danforth Campus?

Who Knew WashU? 3.21.17

Question: Which former professor left behind a pastel-pink typewriter upon leaving the university?

Who Knew WashU? 3.7.17

Question: An iconic photographer’s documentation of Japanese internment during World War II at a northern California camp was displayed a few years ago in the Kemper Art Museum alongside Japanese painter Chiura Obata’s work on the same subject. Who was the photographer?

Who Knew WashU? 2.28.17

Question: During February 2016, by how much did Washington University student residential colleges reduce electricity consumption during the Green Cup Competition?

Who Knew WashU? 2.21.17

Question: In honor of George Washington’s birthday, we ask this question: Outside of which building on the Danforth Campus can you find a tree directly descended from one of Washington’s trees, originally found on his Mount Vernon estate?

Who Knew WashU? 2.14.17

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we offer a romantic trivia question: How many weddings, on average, take place in Graham Chapel every year?

Who Knew WashU? 2.7.17

Question: This month marks 54 years since which milestone in Washington University history?
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