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Gerald Early with his star on the walk of fame in the UCity Loop

St. Louis Walk of Fame Quiz

Embedded in the sidewalks along the Delmar Boulevard Loop are bright brass stars honoring 140 great St. Louisans. This who’s who of St. Louis has among its honorees more than 30 people affiliated with Washington University: professors, alumni, former chancellors and co-founders among them. Test your knowledge of university luminaries in this quiz.

The ups and downs of ‘The Beauty Bean’

Long before People StyleWatch named her “The DIY Beauty Queen,” Alexis Wolfer had the DIY mentality as she set out to create “The Beauty Bean,” an online women’s magazine that would change the way women talk about beauty, health and wellness.
Correcting errors in a digital transcription of Edmund Spenser’s “The Faerie Queen” published in 1596. (Photo: Joe Angeles/Washington University)

The Early Modern Lab

The Early Modern Lab, a cooperative Mellon-funded venture between Washington University, Northwestern and Notre Dame, is shaping the way scholars interact with early modern print culture.
Marquise Butcher of Central Visual and Performing Arts High School says goodbye with a hug for Leah Merrifield, creator of the College Prep program. (Photo: Jerry Naunheim Jr./Washington University)

University announces College Prep Scholarship

The College Prep Scholarship will provide a free Washington University undergraduate education to qualified graduates of its College Prep Program, which serves talented low-income and first-generation high school students. The scholarship supports two top priorities — to make Washington University a more diverse and welcoming campus, and to improve K-12 education in the St. Louis community.