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Friday, Nov. 22, 2019

Top Stories

ISP to improve math education in local schools

Stagnant scores, frustrated students, daunted educators — such is the state of math education. That’s why the Institute for School Partnership is introducing Math314, an innovative program to improve math instruction and boost students’ enthusiasm.

Scientists unravel mysteries of cells’ whiplike extensions

Scientists at the School of Medicine and Harvard have revealed the first detailed look at the inner structure of cilia. Cilia perform diverse tasks required to keep the body healthy, but when these whiplike appendages on cells malfunction, the consequences can be devastating.

Political scientist tunes in to the world of song

Is music universal? To answer that question, political scientist Christopher Lucas in Arts & Sciences worked with colleagues from Princeton and Harvard to analyze music from 315 societies worldwide. Their findings are published this week in Science.

Parking team offers updates, reminders

Parking & Transportation Services and the Washington University Police Department are informing the campus community about the Motorist Assist Program and reminding faculty, staff and students about vehicle storage options during breaks.

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Campus Announcements

Reminder: Seed grant program proposals due

The Social Policy Institute and the McDonnell International Scholars Academy seek proposals for collaboration between Washington University researchers and researchers at international partner universities. Application materials are due Nov. 30.

Social Photo of the Week

A sunny day for #WashUpets

WashU in the News

The college pressure cooker: high-achieving students, high mental health risks

WGBH (Public Radio)

Bolivia’s death toll rises as protests continue


World Toilet Day spotlights those who have none


Washington U professor strikes gold in world para-athlete games

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Campus Voices

‘Trial by fire’

Jeannette Cooperman shares a first-person perspective about starting in her new role as a writer for The Common Reader, an online journal published by Washington University.

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The book “Recipes for Respect: African American Meals and Meaning” by Rafia Zafar, professor in Arts & Sciences, is featured in a new exhibition celebrating the 125th anniversary of the New York Public Library.

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