Snow All Over the Globe

Young and old alike find snow globes irresistible. It’s so tempting to hold these glass domes in your hands, to shake them gently or turn them upside down. They call to mind winter wonderland scenes, favorite childhood toys and most of all, the places we have visited around the world.

In Snow All Over the Globe, Shelley Harwayne and her grandson Ben Harwayne pay tribute to these treasured collectibles. By sharing the history and science connected to snow globes, they have enriched the role snow globes play in our lives. Readers will discover what snow globe makers have done to prevent the water in the globe from freezing, how they experimented with different materials to make realistic fake snowflakes, and how they managed to make those snowflakes fall slowly.

Additionally, readers will learn about the very first snow globe and the changes in the production of snow globes over the years. Along the way, readers will delight in learning which presidents collected snow globes, when snow globes have popped up in movies and television shows and some of the more surprising uses of snow globes.

Salt and pepper shakers, pencil sharpeners, and music boxes are among the many novelty snow globes that have been manufactured.Whether you own dozens of snow globes, just a few or even long to purchase your very first one, this book will make you proud to be an admirer of snow globes.

About the Authors

Shelley Harwayne has served as teacher, literacy coach, principal, and school superintendent. She has published several professional texts, books for emergent readers as well as a tribute to the students who bore witness to 9/11. She was also honored with the National Council of Teachers of English Language Arts Educator of the Year award. She collects vintage nut grinders, musician figurines and clown cookie jars. Her grandson Ben is the snow globe collector in the family and Shelley was thrilled to collaborate on this book with him.

Ben Harwayne is a recent graduate of Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. He loves to travel and is closing in on visiting all 50 states. Ben collected his first snow globe when he took his first family vacation to London at the age of 7 and hasn’t stopped since. He has more than 25 snow globes in his collection and loves that he is able to take mementos home with him from every new place he visits. In addition to snow globes, Ben is interested in baseball, movies and his hometown, New York City. Ben is currently a student at Washington University in St. Louis.