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Highlands hunt for climate answers

Two Washington University scientists are reconstructing past climate and cultural shifts in the Peruvian Andes. Today, such high-altitude parts of the tropics are warming faster than the rest of the globe. What Bronwen Konecky and Sarah Baitzel discover could help predict how this delicate ecosystem might be affected in the future.

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Fail Better

Fail Better showcases Washington University staff, faculty and students who have failed big — sometimes in very public, humiliating ways. Despite the disappointment, they all learned vital lessons about themselves and their work.

Ultra-Condensed Science

Electricity eating bacteria? Bomb-sniffing locusts? This is a series about all the sciences but probably not the science you’re used to seeing. Hear first-hand from Washington University graduate students and faculty members whose big ideas and research can surprise–and inspire–us all. That’s Ultra-Condensed Science.

Washington Magazine Video

Washington Magazine captures the heart of WashU in this video series about the university’s ideas, research and impact in a way that celebrates our community and nurtures lifelong connections.

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