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‘Tiny electricity-eating marine microbes with a big job’

“When we isolated these plant-like marine microbes, we never knew what secrets they would reveal. Lucky for us, they help us sock away the global greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide,” writes biologist Arpita Bose, assistant professor in Arts & Sciences, in this “Behind the Paper” blog post.

The Drug That Could Break American Health Care

Aduhelm, the first new Alzheimer’s drug in 18 years, may not work. But states and Medicare might pay billions of dollars for it anyway, argues the School of Law’s Rachel Sachs, an expert on drug pricing.

Seeing exponential growth for what it is

Jeffrey M. Zacks, professor of psychological and brain sciences in Arts & Sciences, and of radiology at the School of Medicine, explains why we have such a difficult time with exponential growth and how to make its presentation easier to understand.

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