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How to manage fertility through cancer treatment

On the latest episode of the “This is Cancer” podcast, delve into the fertility challenges that some patients face, and options they have, during and after treatment for cancer.

‘The science and philosophy of mental health’

Philosopher Anya Plutynski, a faculty fellow in the Center for the Humanities in Arts & Sciences, shares in a Q&A on the “Human Ties” blog about her book in progress, “Making Mental Health.” The book offers a history of the concept of mental health and considers the role of values in science.

WashU balloon goes over big

For the first time, WashU sponsored a hot air balloon in the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, an annual hot air balloon festival held in Forest Park. “Time Traveler” was among the dozens of entrants that delighted the STL community Sept. 15-16, 2023.

Faculty Books

Body Language

The Queer Staged Photographs of George Platt Lynes and PaJaMa

Exile and the Jews

Literature, History, and Identity

A Planetary Avant-Garde

Experimental Literature Networks and the Legacy of Iberian Colonialism

Border Ecology

Art and Environmental Crisis at the Margins