WashU’s College Prep Program welcomes new cohort of high school students

WashU’s College Prep Program welcomes new cohort of high school students

Washington University in St. Louis has announced the 11th cohort of the College Prep Program, a free multi-year program that prepares first-generation, limited-income students for college. This summer, the new cohort of 37 rising high school sophomores will engage in two weeks of on-campus academic and social programming.

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‘Finding religion in the Stanley Cup finals’

Cody Musselman, a postdoctoral researcher at the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, co-writes an article amid the NHL playoffs about how hockey and oil take on almost religious significance in Canada.

3 Ways to Support Employees with Bipolar Disorder

When their condition is well managed, employees diagnosed with bipolar disorder are likely to bring unique talents and perspectives to an organization, writes Hillary Anger Elfenbein.

‘Loyal to the Oil’: Finding religion in the Stanley Cup finals

Sports are thrilling because sometimes talent, team chemistry and the home-field advantage still lose to a stroke of good luck. Oil culture pairs the idea of divine favor with an insistence on rough-and-tumble endurance, similar to hockey, writes Casey Musselman, postdoctoral research associate

WashU balloon goes over big

For the first time, WashU sponsored a hot air balloon in the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, an annual hot air balloon festival held in Forest Park. “Time Traveler” was among the dozens of entrants that delighted the STL community Sept. 15-16, 2023.

Book explores consequences of political conversations

Book explores consequences of political conversations

In her new book, political scientist Taylor Carlson, in Arts & Sciences, explores how political information changes as it flows from the news media to person to person. Her research shows that socially transmitted information becomes sparse, biased, less accurate and mobilizing — fueling a “distorted democracy.”

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