Transformative fundraising initiative ‘makes way’ for top applicants

Transformative fundraising initiative ‘makes way’ for top applicants

Washington University in St. Louis has announced a transformative fundraising initiative that aims not only to increase financial resources for students at every level of need, including middle-income students, but also to provide a “best-in-class” experience for all students to learn, develop and flourish while on campus and beyond.

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The Supreme Court Is Back in Session. Here’s What to Expect.

The School of Law’s Dan Epps, along with his colleague Will Baude at the University of Chicago, discuss in a Q&A the new Supreme Court term and “Divided Argument,” their podcast analyzing the nation’s highest court.

Podcast explores grief’s role in artistic expression

A recent podcast episode co-hosted by Arts & Sciences’ Abram Van Engen studies Lisel Mueller’s poem “When I am Asked” and examines how grief is explored through — and is a source of — artistic expression.

Students ready to be back on campus

Senior Amanda Sherman is back to ambush — ahem, interview — Washington University in St. Louis students (and a WashU canine) about the new academic year.

Is privacy dead?

Is privacy dead?

In a new book, “Why Privacy Matters,” one of the world’s leading experts in privacy law, Neil Richards, the Koch Distinguished Professor in Law and co-director of the Cordell Institute for Policy in Medicine & Law, argues privacy is not dead, but up for grabs.

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Sovereign Joy

Afro-Mexican Kings and Queens, 1539-1640