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Rank discusses poverty in US and how it’s measured

The Brown School’s Mark Rank, an expert on poverty band inequality, writes an article in The Conversation about how poverty in the United States has changed since 1964, yet the federal government’s measurement tools have not.

‘Missouri has money and mandate to expand Medicaid’

Zach Neronha, a student at the School of Medicine, writes a letter to the editor about the effort to expand Medicaid in Missouri. Voters approved expansion last year, but the Legislature and governor didn’t move forward with expansion, and the issue is now before the Missouri Supreme Court.

Major Supreme Court reform is unlikely. But these changes would be a good start.

Even small Supreme Court reforms could have larger benefits, writes Dan Epps, the Treiman Professor of Law. They put the justices on notice that elected officials are paying attention — and that those officials have the power to rein in a court that goes astray. In our democracy, that’s a healthy reminder for unelected Supreme Court justices to hear.

Seeing exponential growth for what it is

Jeffrey M. Zacks, professor of psychological and brain sciences in Arts & Sciences, and of radiology at the School of Medicine, explains why we have such a difficult time with exponential growth and how to make its presentation easier to understand.

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