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Exploring the meaning of ‘screen time’

Author Phillip Maciak, a lecturer in Arts & Sciences, has published the book “Avidly Reads Screen Time,” a cultural criticism and history about our relationship with screens. Read about this and other recent works on the Source Bookshelf.

WashU balloon goes over big

For the first time, WashU sponsored a hot air balloon in the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, an annual hot air balloon festival held in Forest Park. “Time Traveler” was among the dozens of entrants that delighted the STL community Sept. 15-16, 2023.

Rescuing adventure

Rescuing adventure

Shopping. Driving. Parenting. Eating out. Working out. Today, sources of adventure are as limitless as a marketer’s imagination. No activity is too mundane, no product too crass, no invocation too preposterous. In Adventure: An Argument for Limits, Christopher Schaberg grapples with classical conceptions of adventure, their 21st-century simulacra, and the earnest question: What constitutes adventure today?

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A Moment in the Sun

Robert Ernest’s Brief but Brilliant Life in Architecture