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Opinion: The real significance of the Supreme Court’s ‘Chevron deference’ ruling

To the extent that doctrinal rules do make a difference, however, the result of the court’s decision will be that judicial interpretations in regulatory cases will be less insightful, less predictable and more dependent on the preferences of lifetime-appointed federal judges who are in no way accountable to the electorate, writes Ron Levin.

WashU balloon goes over big

For the first time, WashU sponsored a hot air balloon in the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, an annual hot air balloon festival held in Forest Park. “Time Traveler” was among the dozens of entrants that delighted the STL community Sept. 15-16, 2023.

Book explores consequences of political conversations

Book explores consequences of political conversations

In her new book, political scientist Taylor Carlson, in Arts & Sciences, explores how political information changes as it flows from the news media to person to person. Her research shows that socially transmitted information becomes sparse, biased, less accurate and mobilizing — fueling a “distorted democracy.”

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