New thermostat setpoint policy rolls out

It’s a common complaint in office buildings across the country: Once summer hits and air conditioners crank up, many employees find themselves freezing, often stashing extra sweaters or blankets at work in an effort to stay warm inside while temperatures skyrocket outside. Washington University in St. Louis’ Office of Sustainability is partnering with the Danforth […]

Alum investigates Clayton’s lost black neighborhood

Recent university alumna Emma Riley is a proud graduate of Clayton High School, but her perceptions of her hometown changed after she started studying Clayton’s history. Her documentary, “Displaced & Erased,” explores how city leaders zoned Clayton’s once-thriving black neighborhood out of existence to expand the central business district.

Birds that babysit

It’s easy to make up a story to explain an evolved trait; proving that’s what happened is much harder. Here scientists test ideas about cooperative breeding in birds and find a solution that resolves earlier disagreements.

Shaking Schrödinger’s cat

Frequent measurement of a quantum system’s state can either speed or delay its collapse, effects called the quantum Zeno and quantum anti-Zeno effect. But so too can “quasimeasurements” that only poke the system and garner no information about its state.

Makeup of vaginal microbiome linked to preterm birth

In a study of predominantly African-American women — who have a much higher rate of delivering babies early compared with other racial groups — researchers at the School of Medicine showed that a decrease in the diversity of vaginal microbes of pregnant women between the first and second trimesters is associated with preterm birth.
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