Overlooked signal in MRI scans reflects amount, kind of brain cells

An MRI scan often generates an ocean of data, most of which is never used. When overlooked data is analyzed using a new technique developed at the School of Medicine, they surprisingly reveal how many and which brain cells are present – and show where cells have been lost through injury or disease. The findings could lead to new treatments for a variety of brain diseases.

WashU Votes to register voters this week

In 2014, only 15.7 percent of students voted in the midterms. The Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement, through its WashU Votes initiative, wants to increase that number to 20 percent through a number of programs and initiatives starting Monday, Sept. 24, with National Voter Registration Week.

Bear beginnings: a student’s quest to be the university mascot

Being the Washington University Bear mascot is hard work, especially on a Division III campus where sports take second place to studying. But three new bears will be making their debut this season, including exchange student Priyanka Deodhar. “Being a mascot is the most American thing I can think of,” said Deodhar, who arrived this semester from France. The mascot will perform at the Bears football game at 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 22.

The Divided City 2022 wins $1 million grant

Over the past four years, The Divided City, an urban humanities initiative at Washington University in St. Louis, has supported dozens of projects exploring the effects of spatial segregation. This fall, the university will launch a second phase, The Divided City 2022, thanks to a $1 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
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