How a liberal arts education prepared one grad for medicine

A self-professed science geek, Anand Chukka arrived at Washington University eager to prepare for a career in medicine. As a December degree candidate, he has accomplished just that. He majored in biochemistry in Arts & Sciences; conducted medical research in labs in St. Louis, Boston and San Francisco; and serves as co-president of GlobeMed. But he also majored in American culture studies, a decision that reaffirmed his passion for medicine and positions him to be a better doctor.
President George H.W. Bush visited the Washington University campus Feb. 17, 1989, to promote his "Thousand Points of Light" volunteerism campaign.

‘Gracious, engaged and inspirational’: Remembering George H.W. Bush

As the country pays homage to the memory of President George H.W. Bush, Washington University in St. Louis recalls three memorable visits: when he delivered a “Thousand Points of Light” speech on the Danforth Campus in 1989; when he returned for the first presidential debate in 1992; and when he gave the keynote address at the university’s Founders Day in 1999.
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