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Obituary: Maggie Ryan, 2016 graduate, 22

Maggie Ryan, 22, died in a car accident Sunday, May 22, 2016, in Wayne County, Ind., on her way home to Boston, just two days after earning degrees in anthropology and in women, gender and sexuality studies from Washington University in St. Louis. Ryan was deeply committed to helping the Washington University community, serving as a leader of both Dance Marathon and Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity.

Wysession receives award for geosciences education

Michael Wysession, associate professor of earth and planetary sciences in Arts & Sciences, has been recognized for his exceptional leadership in geosciences education by the Seismological Society of America with the 2016 Frank Press Public Service Award.

Terschluse selected for Grossman-Alexander Prize

Jack Terschluse, who just earned a bachelor’s degree in political science in Arts & Sciences, received the university’s Grossman-Alexander Prize. The competitive award is presented each year to an outstanding graduating senior with an emphasis on American politics.
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Graduate student Ashley Macrander’s message to graduates

The text of the Commencement speech by graduate student Ashley Macrander, who earned a doctorate in education. 2016 marked the first time a graduate student gave a speech at the universitywide Commencement.

Barch, Ley, Boime to be honored

Deanna Barch, a leading researcher on the role of cognition, emotion and brain function in illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression; Irving Boime, a developmental biologist; and Timothy Ley, MD, an expert in cancer genomics and leukemia, will be honored by Washington University in St. Louis, Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton has announced.
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Washington People: John Inazu

John Inazu, associate professor of law, discusses his research on the concept of “confident pluralism,” the idea we can and must live together peaceably in spite of deep differences over politics, religion, sexuality and other important matters.
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