8.3.16--Liz Haskell, Associate Professor of Biology at Washington University in St. Louis & HHMI
Faculty Scholar.
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Haswell wins Faculty Scholar award

Elizabeth Haswell, associate professor of biology in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, was named a Faculty Scholar by a trio of major philanthropies Sept. 22.
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McLeod Writing Prize winners named

The winners of the annual Dean James E. McLeod Writing Prize are Adon Wade-Currie and Olivia Crow, who shared first prize, and Emily Wyland, who received an honorable mention, announced Jennifer Smith, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.
The mission team has been at the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Fort Sumner, N.M., since August, getting ready for the flight. On Sept. 2, the team calibrated optical components of the telescope by opening the door of the hanger and pointing the telescope into the night sky.

Flying high

On Sept. 19, Washington University scientist Henric Krawczynski, announced that the X-Calibur X-ray telescope had landed safely near the border between Arizona and New Mexico, completing a long stratospheric balloon flight with disks full of data about neutron stars and black holes.

The realms of Mordor

What gives Mordor Macula, the red dusted polar region of Pluto’s moon Charon, its color? New Horizons scientists, including Washington University’s Bill McKinnon, answer the question in the current issue of Nature.

Hidden green skills

What have plant scientists learned in the laboratory in the past three to five years that could be used to reduce inputs of water, chemical fertilizers and herbicides to agricultural fields?
Flutist Mark Sparks (left) and pianist Peter Henderson will launch the Danforth University Center’s fall Chamber Music Series Tuesday, Sept. 27.

DUC Chamber Series begins Sept. 27

Mark Sparks, principal flute for the St. Louis Symphony, and pianist Peter Henderson will launch the Danforth University Center’s fall Chamber Music Series Sept. 27 with music of Max Bruch, Gabriel Fauré and Claude Debussy.
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Roediger receives mentor award from Association for Psychological Science

Henry L. “Roddy” Roediger III, an internationally recognized scholar of human memory and the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor in Arts & Sciences, has received the 2016 Mentor Award from the Association for Psychological Science.
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