In January 2017, Professor Lee Epstein team-taught a three-day course on the Roberts court. Her co-instructor, Adam Liptak (not pictured), covers the Supreme Court for The New York Times. (Photo by Joe Angeles/WUSTL Photos)

Judging the Supreme Court

The justices of the nation’s highest court have a bird’s-eye view of the nation’s discord. But Lee Epstein trains her binoculars on them as they do their work.
Nancy Staudt

Staudt graduation speaker at University of Bergen

Nancy Staudt, dean of the Washington University School of Law and the Howard and Caroline Cayne Professor of Law, is serving as graduation speaker June 16 for the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway.
Brookings Hall

Sadat, Van Essen to receive 2017 faculty achievement awards

Leila Sadat, an internationally renowned human rights expert, and David C. Van Essen, an authority on brain structure, function and development, will receive the university’s 2017 faculty achievement awards, Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton announced. Eric Leuthardt, MD, will be honored for innovation and entrepreneurship.
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