Memorial service Dec. 1 for Teitelman

A memorial service for Richard Teitelman, JD ’73, and judge on the Missouri Supreme Court, will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1, in Graham Chapel. Read more about Teitelman on the School of Law site.

Expect Trump to gut environmental regulations

If a Trump administration follows his campaign rhetoric and advisers, then his most immediate and far-reaching environmental target will be domestic and international efforts to address climate change. Maxine Lipeles, director of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic at the Washington University School of Law, offers her thoughts on Trump’s expected policies toward the environment.

Election 2016 from Washington University’s view

At a transformative moment in our nation’s history, when America’s “Brexit vote” came to pass, where better than Washington University to bring together the thought leaders and experts from disparate fields covering the littered landscape that was, is and forever will be Election 2016?

Epstein named visiting professor at University of Bergen

Lee Epstein, the Ethan A. H. Shepley Distinguished University Professor, has accepted a visiting professor appointment in comparative politics and in law at the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway.
Supreme Court

Presidential candidates and their possible Supreme Court picks

How might the makeup of the United States Supreme Court change depending on who is elected as the country’s next president? A new analysis from Washington University in St. Louis estimates where the candidate’s potential nominees fit compared with the current justices and finds that a Democratic appointee would move the middle of the court to the left, shifting the court’s balance of power.
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