Makeup of vaginal microbiome linked to preterm birth

In a study of predominantly African-American women — who have a much higher rate of delivering babies early compared with other racial groups — researchers at the School of Medicine showed that a decrease in the diversity of vaginal microbes of pregnant women between the first and second trimesters is associated with preterm birth.

A better look at the lungs

The National Institutes of Health awarded a biomedical engineer at Washington University in St. Louis a 4-year, $1.7 million grant to attempt to develop a new way to image airflow in lungs. The research could someday make diagnoses of lung disease easier and more cost-effective.

Study urges aggressive treatment for sepsis

Tiffany M. Osborn, MD, professor of surgery and of emergency medicine at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is a leading expert in sepsis. She co-authored a study published May 21 in The New England Journal of Medicine that stresses the need for an aggressive response to the condition.
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