A tool kit for moral courage

The fifth annual Day of Discovery, Dialogue & Action event featured talks, workshops and panel discussions designed to spark questions and conversations on both the Danforth and Medical Campuses, as well as provide a tool kit for purposeful discussion moving forward.

Fail Better: Robert Mark Morgan

Listening to his voicemail, Robert Mark Morgan wondered if someone had died. Friends had left messages offering condolences and support. Turns out, everyone was fine, but his career as a set designer had been seriously wounded. In the latest edition of “Fail Better,” Morgan, of the Performing Arts Department in Arts & Sciences, shares how he refused to let a devastating review sideline his career in theater.
students walking on campus

University launches grants for low-income students

Washington University in St. Louis will introduce two pilot grants to help low-income first-year students buy college necessities. They include a $500 grant to cover or offset the cost of a computer and a $1,500 startup grant to cover necessities such as books, winter clothing and housing supplies. The grants are for first-year students entering in fall 2019 from families with less than $75,000 in family income or who are receiving a federal Pell Grant.
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