Washington People: Richard Vierstra

As an 8-year-old, Richard Vierstra tried out 190 of the 200 experiments in “The Golden Book of Chemistry.” As an adult, he has taken on the much harder task of designing experiments to reveal the secret chemistry of plants.

MySci program boosts science learning, standardized test scores

Pattonville School District elementary students made statistically significant gains in science after completing the innovative MySci curriculum developed by the Institute for School Partnership. The data confirm what ISP Executive Director Victoria May has observed for years in MySci classrooms across the region — hands-on inquiry paired with teacher development and smart assessment tools can boost student success.

Giving power to silenced voices

Poet, dancer, activist and educator Janice Mirikitani will present the keynote address on Wednesday evening at the universitywide Day of Discovery & Dialogue. To inspire thought within our community ahead of her talk, here she offers a few insights into how we think about identity and class, and what we can learn from each other.

600 student advocates to converge at Washington University

Can good intentions sometimes lead to bad feelings? That’s one of the questions to be addressed at the annual Impact Conference being held at Washington University Feb. 16-19. About 600 students from across the nation are expected to attend the conference, which focuses on community service, service learning and community-based research at America’s universities.
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