Washington University alumni make an impact on Broadway: (from left) Keith Sherman, Pun Bandhu, Steven Sater, Eric Schnall and Michael Sinder gather in Times Square. (Photo: Jennifer Weisbord, BFA ’92)

Part of the Broadway landscape

WashU alumni share their magical stories about working on Broadway, becoming part of a larger cultural conversation and, ultimately, making a difference.

Current fellows and alumni of the Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship Program gathered at Washington University, Oct. 13–15, 2016, for the program’s annual conference and a reunion to celebrate the program’s 25th anniversary. Chancellor Emeritus William H. Danforth is pictured in the center. (Joe Angeles/WUSTL Photos)

Cultivating faculty diversity

The Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship Program, a legacy of Chancellor Emeritus William H. Danforth, was founded 25 years ago to encourage graduate students of color to become college professors. Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton calls the program “a great opportunity for Washington University to be a leader” in developing diversity among university faculty.

From debate volunteer to debate insider

In 2004, Arden Farhi, AB ’07, was a student volunteer for the Bush-Kerry debate. He was assigned to work with CBS and knew he’d found his calling. Now he travels the country and the world producing segments for CBS News’ chief White House correspondent.

Helping rebuild Nepal after an earthquake

In 2014, Marla Borkson volunteered in Nepal for five months. When an earthquake hit in April 2015 while she was in the middle of her 1L year at Washington University, Borkson knew she had to act. She spent her summer in Nepal helping citizens in rural Nepal get health treatments.

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