Michael Frachetti excavating in Tashbulak

Targeted excavating leads to lost city

Using modern, high-tech analysis tools, anthropologist Michael Frachetti is leading groundbreaking research on an ancient city high in the Uzbekistan mountains. The site may hold clues to how medieval civilizations changed when diverse communities integrated — and even suggest how we might consider our own current initiatives of global community-building.

Joyce Buchheit in Knight Hall

Helping others excel

Mentorship and support helped Joyce Buchheit start and sustain a successful business career. For decades, she has paid it forward, helping students, faculty and organizations advance and thrive.

Mullenger on campus for an Alumni Board of Governors meeting

Gratitude in action

While an undergrad in the engineering school, Robert Mullenger, BS ’89, soaked up advice from mentors. Now a grateful alumnus, he supports scholarships and offers today’s students advice and connections.

Mike Keymer in front of a white board.

Unexpected innovation

Mike Keymer, BS ’98, founded Topspin Labs, which works at the cutting edge of data and technology. Keymer, through Topspin, partners with ­organizations to find other applications for their technology and create a startup around that new use.

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