Meaningful entertainment

Documentary filmmaker and The Daily Show senior producer Sara Taksler’s, AB ’01, latest film, Tickling Giants, is about how political satire shook the halls of power in Egypt after the Arab Spring.

Andrew McCabe, JD '93, at FBI headquarters

A position with agency

Andrew McCabe, JD ’93, was always interested in criminal law but an internship he had while a law student at WashU convinced him to become an FBI agent. After a long career that’s including busting up crime rings and fighting terrorists, he’s been named deputy director of one of the nation’s top security organizations.

Affordable couture

When Louisa Rechter, AB ’09, and Alessandra Perez-Rubio, BFA ’09, couldn’t find designer, black-tie attire at a price point they could afford, they decided to create their own line. Mestiza New York, a fashion line blends Filipino and American style, is the happy result.

Jeffrey I. Gordon, MD, directs the Washington University School of Medicine’s Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology. Along with talented students and colleagues, Gordon has harnessed the power of specialized mouse models to study the ­microbial communities that colonize the human gut. (James Byard/Washington University)

The father of the microbiome

Jeffrey I. Gordon, MD, is expanding our understanding of human health into nonhuman realms, studying the bacteria that take up residence in the gut and help define who we become. Indeed, this research suggests you are what you — and your microbes — eat.

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