Carol Diaz-Granados

Carol Diaz-Granados, FA64, UC66, GR80, GR93, wrote her sixth book, Explanations in Iconography: Ancient American Indian Art, Symbol, and Meaning (Oxbow Press London, October 2023). The book is an edited volume that covers interpretation of various American Indian arts and artifacts. Her previous book, Transforming the Landscape: Rock Art and the Mississippian Cosmos, was published […]

Ivan Sherick

Ivan Sherick, GR64, published Development, Psychopathology, and Treatment Techniques Across the Life-Span, A Psychoanalytic Perspective (IP Books, 2020). The book is for students and professionals. It explains the psychoanalytic issues involved in language accessible and available to all. Clinical examples are provided, and recommended readings are included at the end.

Nancy Kauffman Holder

Nancy Kauffman Holder, LA64, SW66, is a tutor with ¡Adelante Latina!, a free after-school academic enrichment and college preparatory program for promising Latina girls attending Baltimore City high schools. The academically selective program also helps students learn about colleges and universities and apply for admission and scholarships.

Beverly Heckart

Beverly Heckart, GR64, GR68, retired from university teaching.

Dory (Diamant) Machtinger

Dory (Diamant) Machtinger, LA64, GR66, was awarded the Leo Michuda IPO Award for Lifetime Service by the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra for her many years of commitment, guidance, support and advocacy. A volunteer promoter of the Chicago South Side orchestra since 1980, she writes that she is very proud of the status the orchestra has achieved.

Eldridge Hardie

Eldridge Hardie, FA64, released a book, The Sporting Art of Eldridge Hardie: Paintings of Upland Hunting, Angling, and Waterfowling (Stackpole Books, 2019). Featuring 150 paintings, and with a foreword by Paul Schullery and an introduction by Tom Davis, the book celebrates Hardie’s half-century as one of the country’s best-known sporting artists.