Steven Bloomfield

Steven Bloomfield, LA67, and his firm, Bloomfield/Schon, were recognized by the state of Ohio for the renovation and repurposing of the Peters Cartridge Factory into a mixed-use community. It was the firm’s fifth major historic renovation project.

Susan Wilson Krechel

Susan Wilson Krechel, MD, LA67, HS75, penned How to Navigate the Minefield That Is Dementia with Your Loved One: A Guide Borne of Experience (Christian Faith Publishing, March 2021). Written for a lay audience, the book explains dementia and the latest research into cause, treatment, prevention and cure, and sets out a roadmap for obtaining care for […]

Robert W. Duffy

Robert W. Duffy, LA67, wrote and edited at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for some 40 years and at the St. Louis Beacon, an online publication he helped found. For 30 years, he has served as an adjunct at WashU, teaching in the Sam Fox School’s fine arts division, the College of Architecture, University College and […]

Anna Katherine “Kay” Behrensmeyer

Anna Katherine “Kay” Behrensmeyer, LA67, a senior research geologist and curator of vertebrate paleontology in the Department of Paleobiology of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, was elected to the American Philosophical Society (APS) in April. Founded in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin for the purpose of “promoting useful knowledge,” the APS is the oldest learned […]

Victoria Lonergan

Victoria Lonergan, LA67, and her husband, Richard, moved to Clayton, Mo., after 50 years in San Francisco. Lonergan writes that St. Louis is a much easier city to live in than San Francisco, and they don’t have to worry about drought or wildfires.

Perci Chester

Perci Chester, FA67, displayed her “Body of Work” sculpture series at the NE SCULPTURE | Gallery Factory in Northeast Minneapolis in late 2020. 

Anna Katherine (“Kay”) Behrensmeyer

Anna Katherine (“Kay”) Behrensmeyer, LA67, is a senior research geologist and curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Smithsonian Institution. She is known for her pioneering research in taphonomy, the branch of paleontology that deals with the processes of fossilization. Much of her career has involved paleontological and geological field research on the ecological context of […]

Michael S. Sherry

Michael S. Sherry, LA67, wrote The Punitive Turn in American Life: How the United States Learned to Fight Crime Like a War (UNC Press, 2020). The book explores the political and cultural history of the ways in which punishment and surveillance have moved to the center of American life and become imbued with militarized language […]

Pepper Schwartz

Pepper Schwartz, LA67, GR69, is involved in several startups, including Pulse and Keeper. She recently finished video and audio relationship casts, 20 short videos on intimacy and sexuality, and 10 brief audio files on maintaining relationships for

Perci Chester

Perci Chester, FA67, had her “Now Is the Time/Time After Time and Drawings of Protest” show on display at the Traffic Zone Gallery in Minneapolis. The installation featured clock boxes, tree limbs and stone with anthropomorphic forms whose heads are vintage clock boxes, marking “time as no time — endless time — and the present […]
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