Clifford Titus

Clifford Titus, UC74, is now semiretired in Miami after numerous years of working in the finance, brokerage and private equity world in New York and London. He spends most of his time organizing and financing numerous projects across Africa (and other places) that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Titus sends his best wishes […]

John Chatlos Jr.

John Chatlos Jr., MD, LA74, completed a research study to demonstrate how a specific psychotherapeutic intervention promotes spiritual experience and awakening with mystical characteristics without the use of drugs. Data are now under analysis, and publication is scheduled to occur sometime in 2024.

Javier Alanis

Javier Alanis, LA74, retired from an academic career after serving as an associate professor of contextual theology and director of the Lutheran Seminary Program in Austin, Texas. Alanis, who also served as the pastor of his home church in San Juan, Texas, retired from that position as well in May 2023.

Gregory Mixon

Gregory Mixon, LA74, was co-director of The Quest for Freedom, part of the National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks in American History and Culture program at Thomasville History Center in Georgia, in July. The two weeklong programs examined African American history during the long civil rights movement and how African Americans created churches, schools and organizations to […]

Bill Horvath

Bill Horvath, UC74, retired as an electrical engineer. He specialized as a safety compliance engineer for Basler Electric in Highland, Ill., and for Killark Electric in St. Louis.

Jane Hoyt Sanders

Jane Hoyt Sanders, LA74, GR77, is a counselor at Southwestern Community College and continues to enjoy drawing and painting.

Rebecca D’Harlingue

Rebecca D’Harlingue, LA74, GR76, penned The Lines Between Us (She Writes Press, 2020), a dual-timeline novel set in 17th-century Spain and Mexico, and in 1992 St. Louis. The book was a finalist in the best new fiction category for both the Best Book Awards and the International Book Awards in 2020. Kirkus Reviews called D’Harlingue’s book […]

William Campbell

William Campbell, GA74, retired as a licensed architect/city planner.

Wayne C. Koff

Wayne C. Koff, LA74, is president and CEO of the Human Vaccines Project, a nonprofit consortium working to decode the human immune system to accelerate development of vaccines and therapies for major global diseases. Koff was recently honored by Foreign Policy in its 10th anniversary special edition of Global Thinkers — along with Barack Obama, […]

Dennis C. Dickerson

Dennis C. Dickerson, GR74, GR78, authored The African Methodist Episcopal Church: A History (Cambridge University Press, 2020). He is the Reverend James M. Lawson Chair in History and professor of history at Vanderbilt University.