Tamar Abrams

Tamar Abrams, LA78, is leaving Washington, D.C., after 43 years and moving to Rhode Island so she can awaken to the sounds and smells of the ocean rather than the cacophony of the nation’s capital. Though semiretired, she still writes magazine articles and works a few days each week for a USAID project. Abrams’ daughter, […]

Nina (Gilden) Seavey

Nina (Gilden) Seavey, LA78, an Emmy award-winning documentarian, is the host of the eight-part podcast “My Fugitive,” which recounts the long-ripple effect of the May 5, 1970, burning of the Washington University ROTC building. Seavey’s father, longtime civil rights attorney Louis Gilden, was the attorney for Howard Mechanic, one of the students arrested and sentenced […]

Daniel Lamaute

Daniel Lamaute, GB78, was named to the board of directors of Pathfinder International, a sexual and reproductive health and rights organization. An entrepreneur, he founded Lamaute Capital. Recently, Lamaute served as a Fulbright specialist in South Korea, providing strategic direction to Solbridge International School of Business Center for Entrepreneurship, and as an independent consultant advising […]

Ira Spector

Ira Spector, EN78, EN78, is co-founder and CEO of SFA Therapeutics, a development-stage biopharmaceutical startup focused on a new advancement — the use of microbiome-derived metabolites as drugs — in the treatment of chronic inflammatory disease. Spector and his wife, Donna, frequently visit his daughter and grandchildren in St. Louis.

Greg R. Scott

Greg R. Scott, SW78, retired after 30 years as professor and program director of social work at Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, Mich. Scott was instrumental in starting the first school of social work in Liberia and taught international social work in the Dominican Republic. He moved to Bethlehem, Pa., to be near his grandchildren.

Janet (Loft) Reinhardt

Janet (Loft) Reinhardt, BU78, for decades has volunteered to fulfill her passions for advancing women in society, disease research and church missions. She relocated to Nashville, Tenn., with an array of devoted Kappa Gamma sorority friends who share her penchant for needlework. 

Rick Eisen

Rick Eisen, LA78, a founding member of Growe Eisen Karlen Eilerts LLC in Clayton, Mo., for the past several years was named to the Super Lawyers Missouri and Best Lawyers in America directories in the area of family law. He and his wife, Marci, live in University City, Mo., and their three children reside in St. […]

James Ritland

James Ritland, LW78, has practiced law in Black River Falls, Wis., for 42 years, and he says he’s not ready to quit yet.

Laura David

Laura David, MD78, and her husband, Thomas Murphy, MD78, have retired and moved to Reston, Va., to be near their granddaughter. They report that retirement is great and being grandparents is even better.

Joseph Stahl

Joseph Stahl, GB78, is a co-author of Faces of Union Soldiers at Antietam (History Press, 2019). The book examines the routes of some of the units on the field through the individual stories of 36 soldiers who fought in one of the bloodiest days in American history. 
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