Spencer Greene

Spencer Greene, LA93, LA93, is director of medical toxicology in the Department of Emergency Medicine at HCA Houston Healthcare–Kingwood. He is also a clinical professor at the University of Houston College of Medicine and serves as the president of Bayou City Medical Toxicology and Emergency Medicine Consultants in Houston.

Murray Goldstein

Murray Goldstein, LA93, was promoted to vice president, marketing and sales operations for Cox Communications. His new role includes leadership of sales operations and digital sales, as well as advanced marketing analytics and responsibility for B2B marketing strategy. Goldstein’s career spans more than 25 years in marketing leadership roles at Cox, General Motors and General Electric.

Gina (Butler) Castillo

Gina (Butler) Castillo, LW93, a nurse at Kaiser Permanente, enjoys spending time in her Portland, Ore., garden and sells her vegan food items at a neighborhood farmers market.

Doug Lane

Doug Lane, LW93, joined Global Compute Infrastructure as CFO and managing director. The company recently acquired a data center business in Poland, its first acquisition.

Marcy (Levey) Tivol

Marcy (Levey) Tivol, FA93, co-founded Solving Fun, LLC. The company engages children in learning through activities, games and puzzles that encourage creative problem-solving and perseverance. www.solvingfun.com