Miklos Lengyel

Miklos Lengyel, SI14, and Julia Szilagyi, GR12, welcomed a second child, Vince Lengyel, in June.

Andy Chen

Andy Chen, GR14, shares that his piece titled “Where I Am White” appeared in Ploughshares (Winter 2021–22), an award-winning literary magazine that has helped cultivate voices in contemporary American literature. Chen’s poems have appeared in december, The Offing and Denver Quarterly, and his reviews appear in Hong Kong Review of Books, Hyphen and Colorado Review. […]

Olivia Cosentino

Olivia Cosentino, LA14, co-edited The Lost Cinema of Mexico: From Lucha Libre to Cine Familiar and Other Churros (University of Florida Press, February 2022). The book challenges the dismissal of Mexican filmmaking during the 1960s through the 1980s, an era long considered a low-budget departure from the artistic quality and international acclaim of the country’s […]

Harry Kainen

Harry Kainen, LA14, joined I Do It For Her,a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides college scholarships to underprivileged young St. Louisans. Scholarship recipients come primarily from single-parent households and typically are the first in their families to attend college. Kainen encourages inquiries from WashU alums who would like to help promising St. Louis students access […]

Abhishek Kothari

Abhishek Kothari, GB14, was promoted to senior vice president of U.S. personal banking and wealth management at Citigroup. In his new role, Kothari leads business growth ­initiatives through partnerships, innovation and new-product development.

Connor Vilenio

Connor Vilenio, LA14, is a machine learning infrastructure engineer with Overjet, an AI startup using computer vision and data science to transform dentistry. Vilenio and his wife, who started dental school last summer, live in Indianapolis.

Kathryn Walker

Kathryn Walker, LA14, LW20, of Boston, was sworn in early this year as one of the new assistant district attorneys in Woburn, Mass.

Nicola Zanchi

Nicola Zanchi, LA14, and Will Nocka, EN15, were engaged in Mazama, Wash., on Oct. 25, 2020. They live and work in Seattle.

Katherine Drummond

Katherine Drummond, LA14, is artistic director of Dacha Theatre, a Seattle company specializing in devised, playful and immersive work, including new forms of theater such as virtual performances. Drummond has also performed in productions and teaches for several organizations, including Seattle Children’s Theatre and Bainbridge Performing Arts. Website: dachatheatre.com

Yanzhe Zhu

Yanzhe Zhu, EN14, is a postdoctoral scholar at the California Institute of Technology.
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