“I applaud the selection of Andrew Martin as the next chancellor for Washington University. As dean of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan, Andrew was at the forefront of numerous efforts focused on academic excellence, enhancing diversity and inclusion, expanding access and increasing opportunities for experiential learning. We welcome him to AAU and look forward to his contributions to the national discourse about the value of higher education to our nation.”

— Mary Sue Coleman
president emerita, University of Michigan and
president, Association of American Universities (AAU)

“Andrew Martin is a very thoughtful academic leader who unites humane values and data science; he has a vision for the next chapter in American higher education that will serve Washington University extremely well. I think he will be a transformative leader in his own mold, but in the tradition of our last two chancellors.”

— Douglas B. Dowd, professor of art & American culture studies
and chair of the Faculty Senate Council, Washington University

“Andrew Martin has demonstrated extraordinary talent as an academic leader. He cares deeply about the student experience and about ensuring that each student has the opportunity to thrive; to take advantage of all that great universities have to offer; and to leave the university as an educated person with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. Andrew also is firmly committed to supporting faculty in their pursuit of research and scholarship that has an impact, something he understands well as an extremely accomplished political scientist whose analyses of the U.S. Supreme Court are frequently cited.

“As Dean of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan, Andrew developed new initiatives and fostered existing programs that advanced both of these goals. His return to Washington University, where he received his Ph.D. and served as a faculty member, department chair, and vice dean, will further elevate that great university. I extend my heartiest congratulations to both Andrew and to Washington University.”

— Martha E. Pollack,
president, Cornell University and
former provost and executive vice president for academic affairs,
University of Michigan

“Andrew Martin possesses all of the qualities we were looking for in our next chancellor. He is not only a respected and capable administrator and a highly regarded academic; he also has a keen understanding of Washington University’s character, its strengths and the opportunities for growth that lie before us in the years and decades to come. Importantly, he also has a proven record of success in areas of the highest strategic priority for the university: Increasing diversity in every form and improving access to higher education for all qualified students, enhancing academic enrichment, setting students on a path for a lifetime of success, and ensuring the continued investment of the resources necessary to support the long-term goals of the institution.”

— Craig D. Schnuck, chair of the Washington University Board of Trustees,
chair of the chancellor search committee and chairman emeritus of
Schnuck Markets Inc.

“Andrew understands the critical importance of the educated individual and the value of ‘living the liberal arts,’ having a diverse campus community, and maintaining our financial integrity. He will move us forward across all disciplines, from medicine to the humanities and everything in between. He will work to improve and broaden the academic standing of the university, support and enhance the already impressive accomplishments of our faculty, and deepen and strengthen our ties to the greater St. Louis community. I am very excited for our future.”

— Barbara Schaps Thomas, Washington University trustee,
search committee member, chair of the Arts & Sciences National Council and
retired senior vice president and chief financial officer for HBO Sports

“I have known and worked with Andrew for many years and am certain that he will be an outstanding chancellor. He is a highly effective administrator, brilliant scholar and a very good friend and colleague. We are fortunate to draw him back to the university. As soon as we knew that Andrew was the selected candidate to be recommended to the full Board, he and I started to think through all of the great work we could do together and the new things we can accomplish in moving the university forward. We have many shared priorities. This is going to be a great era at Washington University and I am proud to be working with Andrew to realize our greatest potential.”

— Provost Holden Thorp, Washington University

“It has been an honor to serve this university and the extraordinary people who make it a truly special place – our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. Andrew Martin is a highly accomplished scholar, an outstanding academic leader and administrator, and a distinguished alumnus of Washington University. Andrew will be an exceptional leader for our community. It is indeed a pleasure to welcome him home to Washington University.”

— Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton,
Washington University


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