Pluto Crescent Color

Discovering new horizons

After a nearly 10-year wait, planetary scientist William McKinnon, PhD, provides an inside look at New Horizons’ spectacular flyby of Pluto and its first discoveries coming into focus.

Campus next

The university unveils plans to enhance the east end of the Danforth Campus.
James Sweatt III, MD, was the first African-American graduate of the School of Medicine. (Photo: Jim Olvera)

First in class

Though he doesn’t consider himself a pathfinder, James L. Sweatt helped integrate some of the country’s top institutions, including Washington University School of Medicine.

A bumper sticker inspires

While at Washington University, Kelsi Singer noticed Bill McKinnon’s bumper sticker, “My other vehicle is on its way to Pluto.” Today, she works on the New Horizons mission and has her own sticker: “My other vehicle explored Pluto.”
Alum Michael Castro in his home.

Composing a city

Over his career, alumnus Michael Castro has published 10 collections of poetry. His poems exhibit a keen ear and a fearless eye, which may be why he was selected to be St. Louis’ first poet laureate.
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