New signage, improved markings for campus bicycle safety

The Forsyth pedestrian and cycling path will get new signage this spring. The new markings, applied directly on the path, will improve legibility and safety, says Andrew Heaslet, alternative transportation coordinator.

New travel registry protects WUSTL community during rocky journeys​

Undergraduates must register university-related international travel through a new WUSTL registry, and faculty and staff are encouraged to do so. The registry offers a variety of resources to help travelers if they fall victim to environmental or political upheaval.

Halloween tips from the crypt

Some Halloween news tips refuse to die, rising from the newsroom morgue each October with a stubborn resolve to once again help trick-or-treaters stay safe on Halloween night. Here’s three timely safety tips that remain very much undead.

Improperly stored or used chemicals can have fatal consequences

Bottles without original labels pose risk.With spring comes cleaning — the house, the yard, the basement and the car. And with cleaning comes potential hazards. People use them every day, but if common cleaners and pesticides are stored or applied incorrectly, they can have fatal consequences, say experts in environmental safety and emergency medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. More…