Professor Lori Setton (right) and collaborators, including Pranali Tambe (left), a visiting research associate, are looking at new materials for regenerating soft tissue, which could lead to new therapies for back pain. (Photo: James Byard)

Back to health

Biomedical engineer Lori Setton’s collaborative research is pioneering new ways of providing relief to those who suffer neck and back pain.
After his escape, Archer Alexander found refuge with the ­Eliot family in their Beaumont farmhouse. (Washington University Archives)

Of friendship and freedom

The histories of Archer Alexander, a fugitive slave, and William Greenleaf Eliot Jr., the university’s first president, intersect in a dramatic and inspiring story of courage and compassion.
Eric Schultz speaks with President Obama

Briefing the nation

After running for student government at Washington University, Eric Schultz, AB ’02, entered a life of politics. He helped on the Hilary Clinton campaign and eventually became principal deputy White House Press Secretary under President Barack Obama.
The Cohens’ Toro Canyon Residence, Santa Barbara, California (©Ciro Coehlo/

Architectural expressions

Alumni architects discuss how they transform the world through their dreams, plans and designs, ultimately remaking old spaces and creating new ones.
Tiffany Harper, JD 08

Building a legal pipeline

Washington University School of Law graduate Tiffany Harper, in-house counsel at Grant Thornton in Chicago, is one of the founders of Pilot Pipeline Program, which mentors black, female law students to help them succeed in law school and beyond.
Daniel Medin by Eiffel Tower

Literature beyond borders

As a judge for the Man Booker International Prize, Daniel Medin, MA ’00, PhD ’05, gets to do what he does best, spread the word about great literature in translation to the English speaking world, while also discovering excellent new authors and translators.
Older couple riding bicycle on boardwalk

Six Tips: Aging

Getting older doesn’t have to be a cause for worry. Six experts from across the university offer tips about how to plan for the future as you or your family members move into the golden years.
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