WashU Expert: It’s all in the brand

Effective campaign branding may have made the winning difference for Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election. Raphael Thomadsen, associate professor of marketing at Olin Business School takes a closer look at how the messaging may have affected the election outcome. The importance of branding: “Branding is a central concept in business. Companies build products […]

WashU Expert: Lots of filibustering ahead

With Donald Trump in the White House and Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, Democrats will be looking to use the filibuster and other procedural options to exert as much influence as possible over Supreme Court nominations and other issues on the Trump-Republican agenda, suggests Steven S. Smith, a nationally recognized expert on congressional politics at Washington University in St. Louis.

WashU Expert: The nuclear football

It is the ultimate symbol of public trust. Accompanying the president, at virtually all times, is a military aid with a large black satchel known as the “nuclear football.” But for all its prominence in the popular imagination, the football does not contain some sort of “nuclear button” that might allow a president to single-handedly initiate nuclear launch, says Krister Knapp, senior lecturer in history in Arts & Sciences.
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