Mark Hikin

Mark Hikin, GB10, LW10, is an associate with Sklar Kirsh, a corporate, real estate, entertainment, litigation and bankruptcy law firm with offices in Los Angeles and Pasadena, Calif.

Mark Haynes

Mark Haynes, GB10, is the manager of employee relations at Amazon. An attorney, he consults with business leaders on labor and employment policy across Amazon’s global operations. Previously, he worked at Boeing.

Brian Coleman

Brian Coleman, PMBA10, was promoted to principal at Baum Capital Partners, in Kansas City, Mo. Coleman works with business owners and managers, service providers, intermediaries and capital providers to originate, evaluate, execute and manage investments.

Dennis Cho

Dennis Cho, GL10, LW12, is the executive director of Sorin Corporation, a global trading company in the base metal and chemical industry headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.