Time to step it up, America

The United States earns failing grades when it comes to the number of people walking to work and school and the number of walkable communities, finds a new national report. Amy Eyler, associate professor at the Brown School, serves on the advisory panel for the National Walking and Walkable Communities Report Card, released Sept. 14.

The real cost of gun violence

​As part of Washington University’s ongoing efforts to understand the public health implications of gun violence, Sandy and Lonnie Phillips visited the university to meet with students, faculty, administrators and community leaders. The Phillipses shared the personal tragedy of losing their daughter, Jessica, in the 2012 mass shooting in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.​​

WashU Expert: Time for tobacco-state politicians to make ‘adult choice’ on Pacific trade agreement

If Republican senators from tobacco-growing southern states believe in social responsibility, they would fully explore the TransPacific (TPP) trade agreement’s potential impact on countries around the world, including provisions that influence the ability of American tobacco corporations to flood the globe with cheap, cancer-causing cigarettes, suggests the author of a book on the history, social costs and global politics of the tobacco industry.
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