In January 2017, Professor Lee Epstein team-taught a three-day course on the Roberts court. Her co-instructor, Adam Liptak (not pictured), covers the Supreme Court for The New York Times. (Photo by Joe Angeles/WUSTL Photos)

Judging the Supreme Court

The justices of the nation’s highest court have a bird’s-eye view of the nation’s discord. But Lee Epstein trains her binoculars on them as they do their work.
Michael Frachetti excavating in Tashbulak

Targeted excavating leads to lost city

Using modern, high-tech analysis tools, anthropologist Michael Frachetti is leading groundbreaking research on an ancient city high in the Uzbekistan mountains. The site may hold clues to how medieval civilizations changed when diverse communities integrated — and even suggest how we might consider our own current initiatives of global community-building.

Mullenger on campus for an Alumni Board of Governors meeting

Gratitude in action

While an undergrad in the engineering school, Robert Mullenger, BS ’89, soaked up advice from mentors. Now a grateful alumnus, he supports scholarships and offers today’s students advice and connections.

Giving back for a better future

Albert Ip, BS’ 73, has volunteered with the university for more than 15 years. What keeps him coming back? He’s dedicated to higher education and the impact it can have on one person’s future and the world at large.

Meaningful entertainment

Documentary filmmaker and The Daily Show senior producer Sara Taksler’s, AB ’01, latest film, Tickling Giants, is about how political satire shook the halls of power in Egypt after the Arab Spring.