Construction update

Construction Update is published periodicaly and provides information about the progress of major University building and renovation projects on the Hilltop, Medical and West campuses. Information is provided to the Record by facilities management.

Earth and Planetary Sciences Building

Concrete foundation work continues in spite of cold temperature and snow. The lower level through the second floor is complete, and concrete work is progressing on the third floor. Work has started on installation of mechanical and electrical systems on the lower level.

Olin Library

The Level A stack area and all of Level B are open to the public. The multimedia area will open at the end of February. Work continues on finishing the classrooms and meeting rooms in the northeast corner of Level 1. Rough-in work is also taking place in the cyber café. Level 2 is closed to the public to allow work to be done on the perimeter wall, framing and rough-in for mechanical and electrical work. Level 3 is open to the public, but selected areas will soon be closed for demolition. Work continues on the new air-handling equipment.

Phase III Housing

Frame construction and structural walls have been completed. Work continues on the roof. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire-protection rough-ins and interior framing are in various stages of completion on the lower and first levels and have begun on the second floor. Windows are being installed and masonry will begin on the west elevation.

276 N. Skinker

Cold weather slowed construction during the month of January, but work did not stop. The roof has been installed. Roughin of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fireprotection systems has continued, and the rough-in of the fire-alarm systems has begun The tie-in for domestic and fire-suppression water is almost complete. Interior work continues. Exterior masonry work is beginning.

No larges-cale University projects currently are under way at either the Medical Campus or at West Campus.