Gephardt Institute launches podcast

The Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement has launched a podcast, “This Civic Moment,” in which regional civic and community leaders share what inspired them to engage in this civic moment and help us better understand what’s next. The latest episode features Rabbi Susan Talve of Central Reform Congregation in St. Louis.

‘Toward a populist environmentalism’

Historic preservation scholar Michael Allen, lecturer in Arts & Sciences and the Sam Fox School, offers a review on the “Human Ties” blog of the book “Stop Saving the Planet” by historian and Sam Fox research fellow Jenny Price.

New season of ‘WashU: Between the Lines’ launches April 12

You may know the six people featured in the “WashU Between the Lines” video series. But do you really? “Our subjects share stories about their lives and experiences in ways they never have before,” said junior Julia Appelbaum, one of the series’ producers. New episodes launch today through Friday, April 17, on Facebook and Instagram.

In ‘Sound of Metal,’ There Are No Small Sufferings

Writing faculty Eileen G’Sell reviews Darius Marder’s Oscar-nominated film, which she says is less about the deaf community than about the process of losing a sense inextricably tied to one’s identity.

Lessons from the past: protecting women and girls from violence during COVID-19

Little attention has been paid to women and girls in humanitarian settings, those whose safety has already been reduced due to conflict, natural disaster or displacement. For these women and girls, COVID-19 has made them particularly vulnerable to increases in gender-based violence, writes the Brown School’s Lindsay Stark.

Podcast explores the power of anger

In a new episode of the “American Democracy Lab” podcast, presented by the Gephardt Institute, WashU experts help us understand what anger means, particularly at this moment, and how we can build a more “United” States.
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