Siteman Cancer Center launches podcast

A new podcast from Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and the School of Medicine takes a deep dive into what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer. Plus, “This is Cancer” will offer survivors’ stories as well as expert advice from WashU physicians.

The Community of Ella

Therapy for dissociative identity disorder has aimed to meld many personalities into one. But that’s not the only solution, writes Rebecca Lester, chair and professor of sociocultural anthropology in Arts & Sciences.

The Muscle of Mussel Feet

Marcus Foston in the McKelvey School of Engineering is using synthetic biology to create an underwater hydrogel that mimics the strength of mussel foot proteins. In this podcast, Foston explains how the hydrogel’s powerful adhesive could replace surgical sutures and fix cracked boats.

‘Let’s talk about climate anxiety’

Jarea Fang, a communications associate in the Office of Sustainability, writes about climate anxiety and how young people can respond and take action.

Hunting for a picket line

A longtime member of the Writers Guild of America, Arts & Sciences’ Richard Chapman has written more than 200 hours of network television. But as the WGA settles into its fourth strike in as many decades, Chapman wonders, will this time be the charm?

New book explores investing despite uncertainty

John M. Jennings, an adjunct lecturer at Olin Business School, has written a book, “The Uncertainty Solution,” which discusses strategies for investing confidently despite many unknowns in the financial markets. 

The Meaning of Meowing

Domestic cats make different sounds than their wild ancestors, suggesting that they have evolved to get our attention, writes Jonathan Losos, the William H. Danforth Distinguished University Professor.

Genomics expands the mammalverse

Diverse mammal genomes open a new portal to hidden aspects of evolutionary history, writes Michael Landis, assistant professor of biology in Arts & Sciences.
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