Reflecting on Egypt’s Arab Spring at 10

Nancy Reynolds, associate professor in Arts & Sciences and a historian of the modern Middle East, writes about the 10th anniversary of what came to be known as the Arab Spring in Egypt and the need to “embrace analytical untidiness” and complexity to fully understand it.

Avoiding burnout as pandemic drags on

The latest episode of the “Show Me the Science” podcast explores the need for health-care providers and others to maintain mental health and exercise self-care during these trying times.

‘Impeachment, R.I.P.’

Andrea Katz, at the School of Law, writes an article about the process of impeachment and why Congress no longer effectively serves as a check on the president’s power.

Chancellor writes about higher education’s role

Approximately one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, Chancellor Andrew D. Martin reflects on his blog about the role of higher education institutions and the intrinsic value of the humanities.

Impeachment, R.I.P.

Year by year, Congress has destroyed itself as a check on the executive branch, writes associate professor of law Andrea Katz.
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