‘Giving stroke patients a hand’

This episode of the “Show Me the Science” podcast explores the technology IpsiHand, a device created by a WashU startup to help stroke patients use their brains to regain use of their hands.

‘Forgetting a baby in the backseat? Yes, it could be you.’

Memory researcher Mark McDaniel, in Arts & Sciences, co-writes an editorial about how even loving, devoted parents can forget small children in the backseat of the car, sometimes leading to tragic consequences — and offers tips to prevent it from happening to your family.

Why more Black scholars are considering Black colleges

Many elite Black students today are giving historically Black colleges and universities another look. Arts & Sciences’ Michelle Purdy, who has studied the intersection of race and education, discusses this trend on the podcast “A Word … With Jason Johnson.”

‘Retraction with honor’

Joan Strassmann, the Charles Rebstock Professor of Biology in Arts & Sciences, writes about her team’s retraction of a paper on social amoebae published last year in the journal Evolution. She explains why honest retractions should be encouraged and normalized.

Ogliore discusses Webb telescope images

Ryan Ogliore, assistant professor of physics in Arts & Sciences, offers insights about newly released deep-space images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

‘Transforming society through play’

Eileen G’Sell, a senior lecturer in Arts & Sciences, reviews “Assembly Required,” an exhibit that encourages the public to engage with art. It remains on view through Sunday, July 31, at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis.

Economist Horn discusses inflation concerns

John Horn at Olin Business School discusses Americans’ growing concerns about inflation, from interest rate hikes to wage growth to supply chain disruptions, in a Q&A.
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