The Court v. The Voters

Joshua Douglas’s sterling new book examines the most important Supreme Court cases on voting rights in the last 50 years and how we can correct this “hard turn toward anti-democracy,” writes Travis Crum.

Powers discusses book on experimental film

John Powers, in Arts & Sciences at Washington University, takes part in a podcast about his recent book, “Technology and the Making of Experimental Film Culture,” which explores how the Bolex camera and other small-gauge media technologies provided the infrastructure for experimental filmmaking at the height of its cultural impact.

‘Unfreezing the frame: The art of the embodied experience’

Art historian Nathaniel B. Jones, in Arts & Sciences, explores the artwork Laocoon at the Vatican Museums and the different perspectives that viewers may gain when visiting a sculpture in person rather than through a two-dimensional image or written text.

Why luck plays such a big role in hockey

In my new book “The Random Factor,” I explain why of the five major U.S. team sports – basketball, football, baseball, hockey and soccer – the one with the greatest amount of luck involved in wins and losses is hockey, writes Mark Rank.
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