How to manage fertility through cancer treatment

On the latest episode of the “This is Cancer” podcast, delve into the fertility challenges that some patients face, and options they have, during and after treatment for cancer.

‘The science and philosophy of mental health’

Philosopher Anya Plutynski, a faculty fellow in the Center for the Humanities in Arts & Sciences, shares in a Q&A on the “Human Ties” blog about her book in progress, “Making Mental Health.” The book offers a history of the concept of mental health and considers the role of values in science.

Celebrating 20 years of art-inspired contemporary concerts

Composer Christopher Stark, in Arts & Sciences, curated three concerts to mark the anniversary of the “Live at the Pulitzer” series. In this Q&A, he discusses how the music connects to the exhibits at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation and how he blends contemporary works with nostalgic pieces.

Miller publishes new book, ‘Body Language’

Angela Miller, a professor of art history and archaeology in Arts & Sciences, has co-authored the book “Body Language: The Queer Staged Photographs of George Platt Lynes and PaJaMa.”

How emotions influence public attitudes on counterterrorism

Political scientist Carly Wayne, in Arts & Sciences, discusses the role anger plays in public attitudes about counterterrorism. Her latest paper, published in the journal International Organization, sheds light on the complicated dynamics of counterterrorism policy.

Red Tackles, Blue Flags

In California, the political divide over youth football is getting interesting, writes Noah Cohan.

‘Is education the universal escape from poverty?’

Da’juantay Wynter, a sophomore in Arts & Sciences, shares a personal story to explain the difference an education can make in lifting people out of poverty — and the need to make such opportunities more widely available.
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