Sensory function focus of lecture

The 23rd Oliver H. Lowry Lecture will be held at noon April 24 in Moore Auditorium.

Charles S. Zuker, Ph.D., professor and investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine, will discuss the function of sensory systems.

Zucker is an international expert on utilizing model systems to understand human development and has detailed how abnormalities in these processes can lead to sensory problems such as blindness.

The results of these ongoing studies may increase the understanding of the molecular basis of sensory reception and information processing and how these processes are aggravated in various disease states.

The annual Lowry lecture honors the late Oliver Lowry, M.D., for his contributions to biochemical science and to the University. Lowry was the former dean of the School of Medicine and former head of the Department of Pharmacology.