Picturing our Past

Several of the people who shaped the University in its earlier years are pictured here celebrating Arbor Day April 22, 1905. From left are Marshall S. Snow, acting chancellor (1887-1891); Edward Mallinckrodt Sr., trustee (1902-1928); Isaac H. Lionberger, trustee (1894-1919); Robert S. Brookings, chairman of the Board of Trustees (1895-1928); Winfield Scott Chaplin, chancellor (1891-1907); Calvin M. Woodward, dean of the School of Engineering and Architecture (1870-1896, 1901-1910); Alfred L. Shapleigh, trustee (1895-1945); William K. Bixby, former president of the Board of Control of the School of Fine Arts and namesake of Bixby Hall; Charles Parson, archaeologist who donated the mummies of Pet-Menekh and Henut-Wedjebu to the Gallery of Art; and Henry Ware Eliot, on the board of managers of the Manual Training School, son of former Chancellor William Greenleaf Eliot and father of T.S. Eliot.

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