Research Web site now more user-friendly

Research Web site now more user-friendly

A newly designed “Research at Washington University” Web site has been launched with the goal of providing a central resource for all information regarding research at the University.

Theodore J. Cicero, Ph.D., vice chancellor for research, recently announced the redesign.

“We were aware that a large amount of valuable research-related information was available at various Web sites throughout the University,” Cicero said. “However, finding it was very difficult. We hope that centralizing this information will make it easier to access and therefore more available to our research faculty, students and support staff.”

The site can be viewed at

In addition to linking to other sites, many new resources have been added. Now included are:

• A section that offers tools to help faculty get started on managing grants and contracts;

• Contact information for the research administration offices that help guide researchers through the process;

• More information on identifying funding, proposal submission and award management;

• Information for postdoctoral and predoctoral students with Web links to the new Office of Postgraduate Affairs, the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences, the Medical Scientist Training Program and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences; and

• A section on research education and training opportunities at the University.

Some carryover features from the original site include direct links to the Office of Technology Management, the Center for Clinical Studies, institutional oversight and compliance committees such as Animal and Human Studies, Environmental Health & Safety, as well as federal agency and industry resources.

“We tried to appeal to both the new researcher and experienced faculty by creating several ways for them to access information — either through key terms or department name,” Cicero said.

Comments on the changes are welcome and may be e-mailed to site’s design team at