This Week In WUSTL History

Oct. 11, 1858

The Board of Directors approved a resolution creating the office of chancellor.

Oct. 11, 1992

WUSTL hosted the first debate of the presidential campaign, featuring President George H.W. Bush, Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and W. Ross Perot.

Oct. 12, 1962

Thomas H. Eliot was inaugurated as the 12th chancellor, serving until 1971.

Oct. 12, 1973

The Samuel B. and Charles B. Edison Theatre was dedicated. Located in the Mallinckrodt Student Center, the theater was made possible by a gift from Sayde G. Edison and dedicated to the memory of her husband, Samuel, and son, Charles.

Oct. 12, 1993

Douglass C. North, Ph.D., the Spencer T. Olin Professor in Arts & Sciences, was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

This feature will be included in each 2003-04 issue of the Record in observance of Washington University’s 150th anniversary.